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Tom Toles’ Confused Net Neutrality Ruling Cartoon

I guess this cartoon by the Washington Post’s Tom Toles relates to last week’s Net Neutrality court ruling.  But, when you look at it, what does it mean?  The Court (working with “Big Telecom”?) is somehow portrayed as a Bridgegate conspirator? Really? I wrote the following letter to the editor (which was not published) explaining [...]

Does Neil Young practice what he preaches?

Neil Young loves Canada’s Indians. After all, he wears a fringed leather jacket and just finished a concert tour telling Canadians to “Honour the Treaties,” even though he couldn’t point out how we’re not. But at least he’s got that leather jacket. Has since the ’60s. He explained it in one rock biography: There I [...]

East Timor’s shocking saga of the principal, the minister and a schoolgirl

The controversial image on a Timorese Facebook group. By Alex Tilman of Di’ak Ka Lae? Timor-Leste Reconsidered OPINION: THIS STORY will make you cringe! Last month photos of a middle-aged man (one of which is reproduced here) embracing what looked like a uniformed schoolgirl inside a car, lip-locked, surfaced on a popular Timorese Facebook group. [...]


The heart of a city is it’s people. These men stand up for the best interest for New Albany citizens. They work hard and play by the rules. And most of all they look out for their neighbors, co-workers, and the many needs of the “little people” of New Albany. It’s well known these men [...]

Trudeau’s pipeline politics

Ezra comments on Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s moody opinions on Canada’s pipeline. This report aired on The Source January 23 2013. Ezra Levant

The fight for Keystone

Emails expose that the US Environmental Protection Agency is buddy-buddy with environmental groups. This report aired on The Source January 23 2013. Ezra Levant

Scrutinizing Saint Suzuki

David Suzuki admits he over-reacted to Fukushima predictions. This report aired on The Source January 22 2014. Ezra Levant

Facial recognition apps: I both desire and fear them.

Facial recognition app matches strangers to online profiles | Crave – CNET Google has adopted a privacy protecting policy of banning facial recognition apps from the Google Glass app store. I appreciate the effort to protect my privacy but facial recognition is probably the ONLY reason I would wear Google Glass. I am hopeless at [...]

Turkey is preparing to implement massive new Interenet censorship and surveillance scheme.

Turkey Debates New Law to Control Web Users – Emerging Europe Real Time – WSJ Turkey already requests more takedowns from Google than any other country in the world, almost 1700 in the first half of 2013. They have a history of blocking popular websites like Youtube, and Vimeo, and Prime Minister Erdogan lashes out [...]

Events of Interest: Panel Discussion on NSA Surveillance (Jan. 23)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is hosting a panel discussion, “NSA Surveillance and Our ‘Almost Orwellian’ State.” The moderator and panelists will discuss: Whether dragnet NSA surveillance is constitutional, and the dueling federal court rulings in December The history of government secrecy, and how it relates to the mounting controversy surrounding NSA spying How the NSA [...]