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“Fast Lanes” Coming to the Internet – Thankfully

Media Freedom

Video: Naive Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley lobbied its rear end off to get the twice court-rejected Net Neutrality regulations on the FCC rulebooks. Why such efforts? Well, because Net Neutrality represents a free-ride for the Valley, one which many of its biggest players have built their businesses upon. As the FCC embarks on its third bite of this rotten [...]

Video: Ex-FCC Official – Fred Campbell – Says Title ll Doesn’t Close Door on “Fast Lanes,” Opens Edge to Possibility of Regulation

The Left these past couple of weeks has gone crazy over the suggestion that Chairman Tom Wheeler’s new “Section 706″ plan to protect Net Neutrality would allow “fast lanes” (among other forms of reasonable discrimination).  In the Left’s view, the only “safe” Internet is one which regulates broadband access providers under Title ll regulation, which [...]

Timor-Leste raises bar in media suppression with new law

Graphic from the latest edition of Index on Censorship with a profile on the new law. Image: Shutterstock/Index on Censorship JOURNALISTS and civil society critical of the flawed Fiji mediascape in the lead-up to the first post-coup general election in September should also be up in arms over the attempts to muzzle the press in [...]

More thoughts on TrueCrypt, with archives, from GRC

GRC’s | TrueCrypt, the final release, archive Steve Gibson shares recent messages exchanges with some of the developers of TrueCrypt. These further suggest a boring explanation of the shutdown, as opposed to more nefarious explanations. Lance Cottrell is the Founder and Chief Scientist of Anonymizer. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The Privacy Blog

Healthcare IT News: Security: healthcare’s fixer-upper

Healthcare IT News discusses information technology security and what needs to be done to better protect individuals’ medical data: Healthcare’s all about the patients, right? Earning their trust so they return for annual checkups, delivering high-quality care while respecting their medical privacy at the highest level. But far too often, there’s a disconnect – the [...]

YouTube unblocked by Turkey

Turkey lifts its ban on YouTube-agency | Reuters Several days after the Turkish Constitutional Court ruled the blocking of YouTube to be unconstitutional, it looks like the block has been removed. YouTube said that they are getting reports from users that they are once again able to access the site. YouTube was blocked since May [...]

The Privacy Blog Podcast – Ep. 20: Censorship, passwords, NSLs and cash

In episode 20 of our podcast for May I talk about: The need to target your privacy efforts Why your secrets may not be safe with secrecy apps The possibility of more light shining on National Security Letters Conflicted feelings about censorship in the Russian government Google and the right to be forgotten What you need to do [...]

Vodafone shows global scope of surveillance

Vodafone Lays Bare Scale of Phone Tapping – WSJ Vodafone recently released a “Law Enforcement Disclosure Report”. Because Vodafone provides services in so many countries, this provides a unique  insight into the range of surveillance capabilities and requirements across a spectrum of nations. In six countries they are required to provide direct connections to their [...]

Not So Fast, Europe – No, Really, It Isn’t, Says Prof. Chris Yoo

Though groups like the Internet Society cling to the notion – “Why is European broadband faster and cheaper? Blame the government” – and traffic in the meme that the only true broadband experience is government-pushed fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP), University of Pennsylvania’s Christopher Yoo sees it differently. In Yoo’s new data-driven study, “U.S. vs. European Broadband Deployment: [...]