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Video: Top 10 Reasons Why Utility Regulation Is Bad for Broadband, by Scott Cleland

The end game for many a progressive shouting for Net Neutrality is for the FCC (and state Commissions) to regulate broadband like a public utility. NetCompetition’s Scott Cleland provides this excellent top-ten list of reasons why that’s not such a great idea (seen here also in this Daily Caller piece, and in the 1-minute video below). [...]


We are asking our Freedom Of Speech readers to email us your thoughts on this weeks question of the week:Is the New Albany Police Department Corrupt?Let’s hear what you folks think. FREEDOM OF SPEECH

Turkish top court rules blocking of YouTube unconstitutional

Turkey’s Top Court Rules YouTube Ban is Unconstitutional – WSJ Long after the blocking of Twitter was ruled unconstitutional, they have similarly ruled that blocking YouTube over the last two months was similarly unconstitutional. The formal ruling and orders to remove the blocking should be forthcoming soon. This decision by the country’s top court bolsters [...]

What you never create can’t leak

The latest leaked messages to blow up in someone’s face are some emails from Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snapchat. These were incredibly sexist emails sent while he was in college at Stanford organizing fraternity parties. These emails are like racist rants, homophobic tweets, and pictures of your “junk”. They are all trouble waiting to [...]

Bouquets for the Fiji media from a ‘new wave’ politician

Professor Biman Prasad … sound credentials – for democracy and a free media. Photo: Republika Magazine FIJI ‘new wave” political hopeful Biman Prasad, a University of the South Pacific academic and economist with some sound democratic credentials, had positive messages for the beleaguered media last weekend. In a speech to a working group of the [...]

Regulatory Goodfellas Imposing Net Neutrality

Government extortion is a great way to get policy goals achieved, seemingly exclaims Wall Street Journal’s Ryan Knutson in his article “A Back Route to FCC Goals” today. In the piece, he writes: A spate of telecom and media mergers is complicating the Federal Communications Commission’s already controversial agenda. But it might also offer a [...]

New York Times: Irish Regulator Finds Himself at Heart of Privacy Debate

The New York Times profiles Billy Hawkes, Ireland’s data protection commissioner, and discusses how he is a big part of the international privacy debate: When Mr. Hawkes took over in 2005 as Ireland’s data protection commissioner, he said, it was a relatively quiet job focused on local issues. But in the years since, Ireland has become [...]

Microsoft successfully challenges national security letter against enterprise customer

Microsoft challenged an FBI National Security Letter, and won | ZDNet Recently unsealed documents show that Microsoft was able to beat back a National Security Letter (NSL) from the FBI. NSL are like subpoenas but go through a different, and secret, process that bypasses the courts. NSL also include a gag order forbidding the recipient [...]


“We’re a little surprised this route was taken,”  said Shane Gibson Corporate Council for the City of New Albany. “It looks like, after reviewing these real quickly, that a lot of this was work-related issues and the normal process is to file a grievance with the union and have that process taken, and that wasn’t [...]

Russia: To block Twitter, or not to block Twitter

Russia seems to have a conflicted relationship with Twitter and Internet censorship in general. While trying to portray themselves as open and democratic, they clearly have a real problem with the radical openness of social media like Twitter. Maxim Ksenzov, deputy head of Roscomnadzor (Russia’s censorship agency), said Twitter is a “global instrument for promoting political [...]