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How your private photos Facebook can be made public

A few months back we discussed Facebook photo album privacy settings and how you can make sure your bosses don’t see those Christmas party shots, for instance. And a few days ago we explained what content is viewable when you are logged out, including photos. But there are still a couple of ways in which [...]

We’re back – kind of

It’s been more than a year since I’ve updated this blog, and that is an absolutely massive length of time in the world of the web. And particularly in the world of Facebook and its privacy policy! In the past year we’ve seen Facebook make some massive changes to the way people interact with it. [...]

Does Facebook ‘own’ your data?

Facebook quietly updated its terms of service last week, sparking outcry among consumer advocates who interpreted the changes as meaning that Facebook can do what it wants with your data at any time. Forever. Even when you leave the service. The Consumerist weblog (it’s part of the non-profit conusmer rights publication Consumer Reports) cited some [...]

Facebook to introduce “simplistic” privacy bands

After the huge backlash regarding Facebook’s confusing privacy settings, Facebook is poised to introduce “simplistic” settings that show privacy bands. But will it work? And would they have done this if there wasn’t a huge fuss? In a radio interview, head of public policy Tim Sparapani said that: “Now we’ve heard from our users that [...]

When To Remodel Your Bathroom

If you are the type of homeowner who wishes that her home was a little bit different, more exciting and attractive, it is time to make your wish come true. This is the time to change despite what you may believe. Change doesn’t have to involve buying a new home but a simple remodeling project [...]

What’s Myth And What’s Fact About Vegetables

Some people say that it is healthier to eat raw veggies while others say the opposite. You may be surprised by the actual facts about these vegetables because there are several misconceptions when it comes to vegetables. Here are some guides to what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to eating your veggies: Myth [...]

Trainee cops trawl web for knife gang evidence

Rookie cops in Scotland have been scouring Facebook and other social networking sites to find pictures of youths wielding violent weapons like knives, in a bid to cut teen violence. Much of the time the young people, evidently unaware that their acts of bravado are available to all and sundry, are posing in a public [...]