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9 Tips to Build Muscle Fast

There are “it can wait” moments, and there are “I gotta have it now” times. It happens in bodybuilding, too. Quality is expensive. If you want to have it, sometimes it takes years, and sometimes it takes a lot of dough. Building quality size in muscle building is that. It means training, eating and supplementing [...]

What To Do When You Have a Dislocated Shoulder

Shoulder dislocations are quite common since the shoulder joint can move in so many different directions. When the bones in your shoulder come out of position, your shoulder becomes dislocated. Sometimes people suffer from a partial shoulder dislocation also known as subluxation. There are many different things that can happen to cause a dislocated shoulder. [...]

The Important Roles of Accountants in Your Business

Running a business is not as easy as it seems. From the outside, it may look like you are doing a really good job keeping your company together, but your internal operations may be chaotic. One will realize that accounting truly is a big piece of work, especially when it comes to the accounting of [...]

Symptoms and First Aid Treatment of Hypothermia

Hypothermia is defined as a body core temperature (98.6 degrees F. or 35.0 degrees C.) significantly below the required temperature for normal metabolism and body function. While in the military I had the pleasure of living in Alaska for three years. If you like the beautiful outdoors and participate in sports such as hunting and [...]

TV Show Mad Men faces potentially mad IP battle over photos and likeness rights

When using photographs or images in a commercial context, getting an IP lawyer to assess the copyright situation is an obvious move. However, as the producers of hit TV show ‘Mad Men’ recently discovered, it may not be enough.  You may also be well advised to check whether there would be problems in using the [...]

Apple granted a trademark over physical layout of the Apple Stores

Fifth Avenue Apple Store (Image courtesy of Wikimedia) Trademarks can protect more than just a brand name or logo. Chocolate maker Cadbury successfully trademarked the shade of purple associated with the brand, while Coca-Cola famously managed to secure a trademark over its iconic Coke bottle. But, in typical ‘think different’ fashion, Apple has now gone [...]

Copyright, emulation and software – is imitation not the sincerest form of flattery?

Software is essential to everyday life, it’s how we carry out research, get our entertainment fix, communicate with each other, manage information, carry out calculations, implement business processes and unleash our creativity.  But what if the software you need is out of reach?  Can you roll your own version of a tool sold by someone [...]

Licensing- Don’t Risk Losing Your Trademark

Licensing – Don’t Risk Losing Your Trademark If your business has reached the stage where you are looking to expand abroad or diversify into different markets, licensing your brand could be the ideal way of achieving this. With licensing, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t the staff or the money to fund your expansion.  You license your brand [...]

Do you need to bother with trade marks?

Since writing my book, Legally Branded, a number of business owners have thanked me for making this fundamentally important subject of intellectual property (particularly trade marks) understandable. Some entrepreneur friends have even  suggested I emphasise the risks, and danger of ignoring intellectual property advice.  However, I’ve always tried to steer clear of scare mongering as a [...]

Innocent Loses Halo Trademark

Innocent Loses Halo Trademark If ever there was an ideal example of the importance of ensuring the right intellectual property procedures are in place, Innocent’s recent trademark difficulties demonstrates it. Despite being one of the UK and Europe’s top smoothie brands, Innocent has lost its distinctive ‘halo’ logo trademark, after its trademark was invalidated due [...]