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The Catholic Church Without a Leader

Following Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation, the Catholic Church’s more than a billion members today has no leader. This vacancy in the Vatican is known as “sede vacante” or “vacant see”. This refers to the transition occuring in the Eternal City between the end of one papacy and the election of a new pope. During these [...]

4 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Presently the health sector provides various types of diet programs like pills and fitness equipment that promise you to lose weight fast. There are, however, many easy ways that could do the job of helping you lose weight faster. It is important for one to know that taking frequent small meals that is nutritious and [...]

Beyoncé Concert – Mrs Carter Show World Tour 2013

After her electrifying performance at the Super Bowl 2013, Beyoncé goes on a world tour starting this spring. Her tour will begin on April 15 in Serbia and then in other places in Europe all throughout May. In June she goes back to America to do more shows, then a concert at Boardwalk Hall in [...]

World in Shock as Pope Announces Resignation

Pope Benedict XVI has just announced that he is resigning as the Supreme Head of the Catholic Church. He is scheduled to step down on the 28th of February, according to the Vatican. The 85-year-old pontiff conveyed his decision during a meeting with Vatican cardinals on Monday morning. “After having repeatedly examined my conscience before [...]

Your Brand and Your Domain Name

Choosing names that say what your business does on the tin may not be the best approach to choosing domain names online, despite it being an approach many businesses have adopted in the past. Often, it seems like a good idea to follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before, taking what looks [...]

Trademarks and Britain Overseas

Increasingly, awareness of the value of a brand is leading businesses to protect their names and logos through trademark registration.  As registration is territorial in nature, only offering protection in the particular countries where an application is filed, businesses typically begin by focusing on their primary market before extending their registrations internationally.  For example, a [...]

How To Secure An Unusual Trademark

Whilst the most common use of trademarks is to legally protect brand names or logos, this is by no means the only way in which a trademark reinforces a brand. Trademarks act to identify the source of a good or service to consumers, and therefore a trademark can cover any aspect of a brand that [...]

Facebook to simplify privacy controls

Facebook is streamlining its privacy controls in a bid to make it easier for people to ask friends to remove photos of themselves from the site. The changes, to be rolled out in the coming weeks, include: A request and removal tool which lets you ask someone to remove multiple tagged photos photos of yourself [...]

Don’t Be Alarmed By Fake Facebook Copyright Notice

Have you seen this message circulating around on Facebook recently? Facebook has consistently been plagued by privacy and copyright concerns and this is not the first message of its kind to have gone viral in this way. However, just like those before it, this notice is a hoax and not something to be alarmed about. [...]

Facebook’s mobile syncing tool raises concerns

Facebook’s new “Photo Sync” tool lets you automatically sync photos you take using your mobile phone to your Facebook account. Although these photos are first uploaded to a private album, it still means potentially embarrassing (or just plain pointless) photographs could potentially be shared with just the click of a button; raising privacy concerns. Let’s [...]