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MediaFreedom Files Comments on the Comm Act Update with Congress

As part of updating the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the House Energy and Commerce Committee sought third-party comment on the state of U.S. competition policy, asking what Congress could do to “understand areas where the law is no longer working effectively and determine areas of improvement to foster an environment for innovation, consumer choice, and [...]

Pacific media ‘too cosy’ with political power, says author

From Pacific Media Watch The Pacific Media Centre’s director, Professor David Robie, has called for more emphasis on critical development journalism in the Asia-Pacific region. Speaking on ABC’s Media Report, Dr Robie said there was a tendency globally – and not just in the Pacific -  for journalism to be a “bit too cosy with [...]

Bad news from East Timor as media faces petro fund ‘guided democracy’ gag

Timorese students protest over Australian spying in its efforts to manipulate Timor-Leste’s oil industry … free speech at risk under the new media law. Photo: Global Voices By Tempo Semanal editor/publisher José Antonio Belo SADLY, I have bad news to report from East Timor. It is not yet clear how long my colleagues and I [...]

“Fast Lanes” Coming to the Internet – Thankfully

Media Freedom

Video: Naive Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley lobbied its rear end off to get the twice court-rejected Net Neutrality regulations on the FCC rulebooks. Why such efforts? Well, because Net Neutrality represents a free-ride for the Valley, one which many of its biggest players have built their businesses upon. As the FCC embarks on its third bite of this rotten [...]

Video: Ex-FCC Official – Fred Campbell – Says Title ll Doesn’t Close Door on “Fast Lanes,” Opens Edge to Possibility of Regulation

The Left these past couple of weeks has gone crazy over the suggestion that Chairman Tom Wheeler’s new “Section 706″ plan to protect Net Neutrality would allow “fast lanes” (among other forms of reasonable discrimination).  In the Left’s view, the only “safe” Internet is one which regulates broadband access providers under Title ll regulation, which [...]

Timor-Leste raises bar in media suppression with new law

Graphic from the latest edition of Index on Censorship with a profile on the new law. Image: Shutterstock/Index on Censorship JOURNALISTS and civil society critical of the flawed Fiji mediascape in the lead-up to the first post-coup general election in September should also be up in arms over the attempts to muzzle the press in [...]

Not So Fast, Europe – No, Really, It Isn’t, Says Prof. Chris Yoo

Though groups like the Internet Society cling to the notion – “Why is European broadband faster and cheaper? Blame the government” – and traffic in the meme that the only true broadband experience is government-pushed fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP), University of Pennsylvania’s Christopher Yoo sees it differently. In Yoo’s new data-driven study, “U.S. vs. European Broadband Deployment: [...]

Video: Top 10 Reasons Why Utility Regulation Is Bad for Broadband, by Scott Cleland

The end game for many a progressive shouting for Net Neutrality is for the FCC (and state Commissions) to regulate broadband like a public utility. NetCompetition’s Scott Cleland provides this excellent top-ten list of reasons why that’s not such a great idea (seen here also in this Daily Caller piece, and in the 1-minute video below). [...]

Bouquets for the Fiji media from a ‘new wave’ politician

Professor Biman Prasad … sound credentials – for democracy and a free media. Photo: Republika Magazine FIJI ‘new wave” political hopeful Biman Prasad, a University of the South Pacific academic and economist with some sound democratic credentials, had positive messages for the beleaguered media last weekend. In a speech to a working group of the [...]