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‘Embedded’ Ben on the ground with Afghanistan’s Pacific ‘freedom operation’

Task Force Guam leaders present photojournalist Ben Bohane (centre) with a special award after Bohane recently embedded with the Guam Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 294th Infantry Regiment. After years of covering conflict throughout the Pacific, Bohane ventured to Afghanistan to cover Pacific Islanders serving Operation Enduring Freedom. Photo: Sgt Eddie Siguenza] Sergeant Edward Café [...]

Infographic: The IP Transition Has Already Happened

Media Freedom

Willy-Nilly Barricades

Yesterday, before the federal government re-opened, you might have witnessed this scene all along the George Washington Parkway – parking lot closures, on national park land, ostensibly brought about by the Government Shutdown. With a simple presidential signature, by 9:30 this morning, it, and other barricades like it, amazingly vanished (see below – same place, barricades gone). How efficient…for [...]

Infographic: Local Government Shuts Down Broadband

Media Freedom

The FCC Has (Government) Shutdown the Marketplace for Years

The following two images, which reflect aspects of the Government Shutdown, are basically the same. Directly below is a barricaded 50-yard federal park(ing lot) for busses here in Mount Vernon, VA. Symbolic?  Well, yes.  But, it’s about as petty a gesture as one could imagine. Not to be outdone by the Department of Interior, however, [...]

French rugby success gives hope to the marginalised

Access Denied

The following shots, which I took yesterday, are of GW Parkway access to the Potomac – access controlled by administration through its NPS.  The first shot shows blocked access to the river by the now infamous NPS barricades erected at all similar points along the parkway.  The second shot reveals the absence of any barricades at [...]

Damning indictment of nuclear testing in the Pacific

Nuclear Exodus – Rongelap Islanders on board the Rainbow Warrior. Photo/video: David Robie Flashback to 1987: NUCLEAR EXODUS: THE RONGELAP EVACUATION The legacy from US nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands has provided a media backdrop to last week’s 44th Pacific Islands Forum in Majuro. Here is a short documentary made by David Robie and [...]

The Administration Violates Its Own Net Neutrality Rule – Arbitrarily Blocks & Discrimnates Access to Our Internet Content, Services

Uncle Sam – the incumbent, monopoly provider of federal government services and access to its Internet content – has violated its own Net Neutrality rule. It’s blocking access to lawful content and service functionality (which we’ve paid for), as exemplified on these federal websites: And, it’s apparently discriminating content it favors over others, as here: [...]

FCC – The Lights Are On But No One’s Home, Literally

As this shot I took last night reveals, someone forgot to tell the FCC to turn the lights out before leaving its 450,000 square foot headquarters almost entirely empty for the Government Shutdown. According to the FCC closure plan, no more than 4% of its 1,754-strong workforce – or fewer than 60 employees – could [...]