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Regulatory Goodfellas Imposing Net Neutrality

Government extortion is a great way to get policy goals achieved, seemingly exclaims Wall Street Journal’s Ryan Knutson in his article “A Back Route to FCC Goals” today. In the piece, he writes: A spate of telecom and media mergers is complicating the Federal Communications Commission’s already controversial agenda. But it might also offer a [...]

Video: Last Week’s FCC Net Neutrality Freak Show in One-Minute

These pictures, and the attached 1-minute video (at bottom), were taken from last Thursday’s FCC Net Neutrality freak show / protests.  The first two pictures seem innocent enough – a girl with a .50 cup of Starbucks coffee, who essentially wants the Internet for free; and the second, an “Occupy Protester” who probably wants all [...]

FCC’s Next Net Neutrality Rule Must Not Be Buzzkill to Innovation, Growth

The following statement may be attributed to Mike Wendy, Director of MediaFreedom.org: Alexandria, VA, May 15, 2014 - Today, Tom Wheeler and his majority Commissioners at the FCC will begin again the agency’s process of concocting another regulatory roofie to protect the Internet from itself.  If the odd events of the past couple of weeks and [...]

No “Fast Lanes” Not Happening

The Left’s all in a tizzy about the FCC’s latest Net Neutrality proposal. In its view, unless the Commission reclassifies ISPs as old-time telephone utilities, the FCC is screwing America. Wall Street Journal’s L. Gordon Crovitz picks up on this craziness, today noting: The Internet has always operated with the fast lanes lobbyists now oppose…Contrary [...]

MSM Writes FCC’s Net Neutrality Press Releases; Google and Friendlies Snicker in Delight

Without argument, the Left-dominated press likes big government programs like Net Neutrality. Last week’s coverage of the FCC’s Net Neutrality meeting only confirmed this, as the mainstream media (MSM) seemingly worked in overdrive to promote Net Neutrality for the Commission, and virtually ignore conservative point of view, which stands against the Commission’s plans.  As one reporter accidentally [...]

Caveman Chabal, ‘monument to marketing’, bows out

Last year’s infamous Caveman ‘ko’ against Marc Giroud moment for his Lyon club as captured on YouTube. Special correspondent in Paris SELF-STYLED caveman Sebastien Chabal retired from rugby on Sunday, the French forward bowing out with critics split over his rugby-playing abilities but no-one in doubt over his role as a “monument to marketing”. The [...]

RSF ‘information hero’ fights new media law in Timor-Leste

Gagged José Belo at a Media Law Seminar in Dili hosted by the Secretary for Communication. Image: Jornal Independente Bob Howarth files a special report from Dili for Café Pacific IT WAS a stunt that arguably, in any democratic country on any given day, would have led the media headlines and stopped anyone that cared [...]

David Robie on ‘critical development journalism’

Media in Jayapura pictured in a photograph from Don’t Spoil My Beautiful Face featured during a course in “Safe Witness Journalism”. Photo: West Papua Media Media with Gavin Ellis – Radio New Zealand National REVIEW: WHAT makes the book Don’t Spoil My Beautiful Face really interesting is that it’s not just the reprinting of David [...]

Wheeler’s Plan Ends 1% Silicon Subsidy; The 99% Would Benefit Even More If Other Distortions Ended, Too

One of the key takeaways from Tom Wheeler’s new Net Neutrality proposal is that regardless of what form it will take (either a 706 or Title ll approach), it will remove, or certainly lessen, the “Silicon Subsidy” to rich 1% edge providers like YouTube and Netflix. Consumer advocates should be shouting for joy for the [...]

Heads-on-a-Pike-Economics Cannot Sustain the Internet’s Development

Last week, reports had it that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler was supposedly giving up on Net Neutrality.  You see, in crafting a regulatory response to the DC Circuit’s Net Neutrality rejection, it seems Wheeler’s (still unseen, leaked) plan would allow for ISPs to charge bandwidth hogs for better access to their networks. On cue, the we-want-it-all-for-free-crowd went ballistic. [...]