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Tech Eeyores Should Not Guide U.S. Broadband Policy

Most Americans go about their busy day un-tethered to a desktop PC and fixed broadband line. If we need information from the Internet while on the go, a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet computer, have become our go-to tools to help us out. According to the FCC, America has 142 million [...]

Bougainville’s bloody civil war recalled – a shattered legacy

A young freedom fighter from the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) at Panguna mine in 1994. Photo: Francis O’Neill, via eco-action.org. By Kristian Lesslet British-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto is seriously contemplating reopening its Bougainville copper and gold mine. The company’s Bougainville operation was forcefully closed down in November 1988 by traditional landowners who Café Pacific [...]

‘Melanesia isn’t free until West Papua is free’

In the face of state repression and international indifference by Indonesian authorities, West Papuan activists have been locked in a life or death struggle for independence. Al Jazeera’s People & Power reports on one of the most forgotten conflicts in the world. Airi Ingram and Jason MacLeod trace the upsurge in regional Pacific support for [...]

‘Neo-liberalism a lie a thousand times over’ – tribute to Chávez

“WE ARE all Chávez” … those were the chants from his supporters following the death of Venezuela’s president. Losing his two-year battle with cancer, Hugo Chávez died on Tuesday at the age of 58 and Venezuela has declared seven days of mourning. Always a controversial figure, reports Al Jazeera, Chávez rose from the ranks of [...]

Papuans Behind Bars – a new support initiative for political prisoners

Buchtar Tabuni (right in the sunglasses) with KNPB’s Victor Yeimo. Photo: Andrew Suripatty/Tempo Politik/Antara PAPUANS BEHIND BARS is a new project about political prisoners in West Papua. The group aims  to provide accurate and transparent data, published in English and Indonesian, to facilitate direct support for prisoners and promote wider debate and campaigning in support [...]

Video: There’s More Than Meets the Eye with Google Glass Says Scott Cleland

A lot of hype has emerged lately surrounding Google’s new head-mounted computer called Google Glass.  But, as Precursor, LLC’s Scott Cleland notes in the video below, there’s more than meets the eye with Google’s latest privacy-challenging product: Media Freedom

Fiji prisoner beating: ‘They treated my son like an animal’

A tearful Viriseini Sanawa tells of the trauma she endured while watching the online video. Picture: Jone Luvenitoga/Fiji Times By Nanise Loanakadavu of The Fiji Times “ISA na luvequ! Oilei turaga! Sa mosi dina na yaloqu, na cava beka e leqa (Oh my son! Oh Lord! My heart is in pain, what is the problem).” [...]

Europe – Turns Out It’s Not Such a Great Broadband Model to Follow

Susan Crawford likes to hold out Europe – a sort of contiguous, happy whole – as the model for how to wire more of America with broadband (the U.S. is already at 95%, but I digress). But I love this.  Though the NY Times Opinion / Editorial staff seems to love Ms. Crawford and her confiscatory [...]

Video: Seton Motley Says President’s Cyber Security Order Is the Real Threat to Our Data and Security

Less Government’s Seton Motley believes the President’s Cyber Security Executive Order should be undone by new law from Congress.  However, CISPA is not the answer.  Rather, Motley feels Congress should craft something simple that lets the private sector share information, and which brings the government in, consistent with 4th Amendment safeguards, primarily to investigate, bust and [...]

Viral ‘horror’ torture video prompts Fiji Times editorial

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL has called for an independent and transparent investigation into the Fiji assault of two prisoners by apparent plainclothes security forces as a public outcry climbed over brutal torture scenes portrayed in a leaked video. The global human rights organisation said torture was unacceptable under any circumstances and those responsible for the shocking scenes [...]