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Sedition, e-libel become the new Pacific media front line

Participants in today’s University of the South Pacific media freedom forum chaired by Stanley Simpson (centre), founding editor of Wansolwara. Image: USP Livestreaming Criminal cyber defamation, journalist killings with impunity and legal gags are growing threats to Asia-Pacific press freedoms, writes educator David Robie on World Media Freedom Day. ONE OF Fiji’s best investigative Café [...]

‘Pak’ Prabowo seeks to ‘clear’ his name over Timor atrocities allegations in media jousting

Beatriz looks for her husband among the bodies after the 1983 Kraras massacre, as portrayed in Beatriz’s War, East Timor’s first feature film. By DAVID ROBIE INDONESIAN presidential hopeful ‘Pak” Prabowo, the retired Kopassus general notorious for his alleged human rights violations in Timor-Leste, has finally broken his silence and made a statement to the [...]

A measured media brand of Pacific thoughtfulness, courage and balance

David Robie with TVNZ Tagata Pasifika reporter John Pulu at the book launch. Image: Del Abcede/PMC BARBARA DREAVER, on assignment for Television New Zealand somewhere in the Pacific, sent this book launching message for David Robie’s Don’t Spoil My Beautiful Face last night. It was read out by Sandra Kailahi, chair of the Pacific Islands [...]

Dangerous trend in copycat cybercrime laws in the Pacific [video]

             Video by Pacific Media Watch editor Anna Majavu. COPYCAT cybercrime laws designed to curb freedom of expression on social media and independent blog news sites are becoming a major threat to the Asia-Pacific region. Café Pacific today publishes a video from the book launch of David Robie’s new book Don’t Spoil My Beautiful Face: [...]

Exposing the Invisible – digital technology for social justice

Unseen War … one of the trilogy of Exposing the Invisible films. By DAVID ROBIE IN A remarkable “before we are launched” event organised by the fledgling Sydney Democracy Network in one of Australia’s oldest lecture theatres, a digital technology collective has demonstrated dramatic and progressive examples of the global “information war”. The Berlin-based Tactical [...]

Lobbyists’ Spat over News They Wrote

Last week, ABC News and the Center for Public Integrity won a prestigious White House Correspondents’ Association award for their reporting on black lung disease in miners.  This week, CPI alone won the Pulitzer prize for that work, too.  What about ABC?  Well, as Politico reports this morning, the network’s pretty upset about this, with [...]

Fighting PNG corruption and social media gags with … outspoken blogs

Graphic: shutterstock.com THE BLOGGING war is hotting up in Papua New Guinea – just when things are getting riskier with draconian proposals over cybercrime law on the horizon. The state target for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s government appears to be social media. Trample on any possible dissent. O’Neill is seen as a proxy for Canberra’s [...]

Center for Public Integrity’s Dark Journalism

Occasionally, I go onto job boards to see what’s out there in the job market.  In one of those searches last fall, I stumbled across this – an opening at the Center for Public Integrity for a “Politics of Broadband” reporter: The CPI is a self-appointed watchdog that takes its main support from progressive advocacy [...]

Border ‘butchers’, absentee poll reps and West Papua’s growing strife

A West Papuan in handcuffs at a recent “Free West Papuans” rally in Auckland. Photo: Del Abcede/PMC THE INDONESIAN parliamentary elections this week were disappointing on a number of fronts, especially for presidential frontrunner Jakarta Governor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo. His Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) which gained just 19 percent of the vote, was far [...]

Public Interest Groups and Their “Truth” Laundering Hypocrisy

The Koch brothers get a lot of pushback from the progressive Left for their so-called “dark money” efforts – that is, funding think tanks, academics and advocacy outlets to shape public policy and politics, ostensibly to their ends.  But this is not a new phenomenon; the Koch brothers are just the latest targets of the [...]