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Quick PINA postmortem from the sidelines

Another positive outcome from PINA … work on a new Pacific media freedom documentary by the University of the South Pacific. Pictured: Director Don Pollock, Radio Djiido’s Magalie Tingal and Samoa Savali editor Tupuola Terry Tavita. Photo: David Robie AFTER THE furore over contrasting views on PINA 2012 and a season of personal insults and [...]

Free PBS from Its Intolerance to Knowledge (& PAC Ads)

The other day a Federal Appeals Court struck down an FCC ban on political ads on PBS.  Reuters reports that: By a 2-1 vote, a panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco said the Federal Communications Commission violated the First Amendment’s free speech clause by blocking public broadcasters from running [...]

Fred Smith: Shutting ALEC Down a Bullying Tactic Unworthy of Democratic Debate

Came across this WSJ LTE today (excerpted below) from Fred Smith, President of the market-based Competitive Enterprise Institute, in response to progressive, “access to knowledge” crowd efforts to shut the American Legislative Exchange Councils (ALEC) for espousing market-based ideas. Fred Smith: Bullying tactics reduce ideas and harm democratic debate Seems the only thing progressives really [...]

Technological Uptake Faster = More Fertile Ground for Innovation

Technological uptake reveals built-in disruption, which equals more fertile ground for innovation and growth Media Freedom

Social media and the ANZAC press on Fiji

A BELATED posting of a presentation at the recent PINA Pacific Media Summit in Pacific Harbour that took a swipe at the Australian and New Zealand media coverage on Fiji. This was part of a panel discussing social media and credibility: By  Leone Cabenatabua, publications manager of the Fiji Sun Should the public believe social [...]

Papua’s Freeport miners tell their struggle stories

A clip from the documentary Alkinemokiye.Ika KrismantariTHE VOICES of local workers in the world’s largest gold and copper mine controlled by the US-based mining giant Freeport McMoRan in West Papua can be heard loud and clear in a new documentary that chronicles the biggest strike in the company’s history.Alkinemokiye is the latest feature documentary from [...]

“Access to Knowledge” Free Press Wants to Limit Access to Knowledge on PBS

A recent federal court case has opened up the door to PBS properties airing political ads.  This, of course, has the authoritarian group, Free Press, all upset. Notes this Hill piece: [A Free Press spokesperson] said viewers rightly consider public stations a refuge from political debate, and are not interested in seeing the firewall breached. [...]

After Hackersgate, Britain’s biggest media cover-up

QUOTE from blogger Guido Fawkes aka Paul Staines: Operation Motorman uncovered industrial scale criminality and hundreds of suspects’ names. Currently in Britain the newspapers are neither naming nor shaming because the criminal enterprises are the newspapers themselves, who understandably do not wish to report their own crimes. Their silence is a matter of self-preservation.QUOTE: In [...]

New Copyright Alert System Does Not Need Any East German Olympic Judges

The leadership for a voluntary industry plan to reduce online piracy was announced yesterday. The plan – known as the 6-Strikes graduated response plan and / or copyright alert system (CAS) – will be headed by techpol insider, Jill Lesser. The CAS – which first seeks to educate, scold, and then “punish” file-sharing scofflaws – [...]

‘The King and I’ – a tribute to the late Tupou V of Tonga

WITH THANKS to Alex Perrottet of Pacific Media Watch:The death of King George Tupou V was unexpected for all – especially for family and close friends.Neil Underhill is an Honorary Correspondent for the British government to King Tupou V. He is also a close personal friend.Born in Fiji, he has lived most of his life [...]