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Libération newspaper now fighting for its own ‘liberation’

Not a “brand” … 40 years of Libération on display in a gallery near les Halles, Paris, last October. Photo: David Robie By DAVID ROBIE JEAN-PAUL SARTRE would have turned in his grave over the fate of his cherished daily newspaper. Founded by Sartre and Serge July more than four decades ago in the aftermath [...]

Australia ‘shockingly close’ to oil companies in discredited Timor treaty

AUSTRALIAN government negotiators were “shockingly close” to the oil companies in a controversial maritime treaty signed with the emerging nation of Timor-Leste in 2006, it is claimed in a new documentary about the recent spy drama that has stirred allegations of industrial espionage by Canberra. The ABC Four Corners investigation, “Drawing The Line”, by Marian [...]

Parliament soft-pedals over East Timor’s harsh draft media law

East Timorese media … fears draft media law could lead to censorship. Photo: Diariu Timor Pos JOSÉ BELO, Timor-Leste’s celebrated champion of investigative journalism and advocate for a free media, recently vowed he was prepared to go to jail rather than allow his fledgling independent nation muzzle the press. Belo, 42, publisher of the small [...]

MIDA’s chair finds Fiji TV guilty of ‘hate speech’ and blasts bloggers

Audio podcast of today’s media conference with MIDA chairperson Ashwin Raj on YouTube from the Pacific Media Centre. SO THERE we have it. Fiji’s Media Industry Development Authority chairperson Ashwin Raj is going to stamp out all hate and race speech in his country with the stroke of a decree-backed pen. A momentous mind shift [...]

A Public Utility Internet – What a Sluggish Idea

Many of the loudest Net Neutrality supporters believe that the Internet, and all those tremendous pipes that bring it to them, are the public’s.  And, as the FCC studies its Net Neutrality smackdown from January and how it wants to regulate the Internet going forward (note – it’s not a question of if it will, [...]

Corruption, illegal tuna fisheries and a ‘lifestyle tsunami’ trouble Pacific business editors

Sean Dorney’s presentation ABC report on illegal tuna fishing in the Pacific on 28 October 2013. HOW IRONIC. For two days this week, veteran Pacific affairs correspondent Sean Dorney from Australia Network was contributing hugely to an inaugural regional business media summit organised by the Asian Development Bank. His final contribution to the seminar was [...]

Give Us an Internet As Innovative As Our Streets!

Comcast and Apple have reportedly begun exploring a “TV deal,” which The Hill reports would: “…[L]et users stream live and on-demand television stored on the Internet, essentially replacing a normal cable box. “Service over the potential arrangement would be separated from regular Internet connections over the so-called ‘last mile’ of connection to a consumer, where heavy [...]

Video: Muni-Provided B-band = Dirty Hands, Sticky Fingers (with Seton Motley)

FCC Muni B-Band Plan Would Be an Odd Result of Net Neutrality Ruling from Mike Wendy on Vimeo. In this video, Less Government’s Seton Motley talks about FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s new plan to boost uptake of broadband by promoting publicly-funded, muni-provided broadband services.  It is a plan the unelected Wheeler seeks to impose especially [...]

Lies, media integrity and the new digital environment

Review by David Robie Stop Press: The Last Days of Newspapers, by Rachel Buchanan (Melbourne: Scribe, 2013) The New Front Page: New Media and The Rise of the Audience, by Tim Dunlop (Melbourne: Scribe, 2013) WHEN Rachel Buchanan penned a commissioned article entitled “From the classroom to the scrap heap” for The Age last September, [...]

Holman Jenkins Discusses the “Public Interest” Circus Driving Today’s Anti-Merger Theater

I don’t usually employ much of other writers’ work in my pieces because of fair use concerns.  But, today’s piece on the Comcast / Time Warner merger by WSJ’s Holman Jenkins (“Now on Cable: That 90’s Show”) needs pointing out.  In the article, he makes some prescient observations about the professional, sky-is-falling “pubic interest” advocates [...]