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Fiji coup-within-coup rumour mill – the price of censorship

By Crosbie WalshPACIFIC SCOOP has a well earned reputation for solid journalism. When it publishes opinions they are invariably reasoned and supported with evidence and insight. Until two days ago. When it published a purely speculative article (supported by not a shred of evidence or any indication of the reliability of unnamed sources) about a [...]

When Is Simple Not Simple? When It’s Not Simple

Over the weekend, the Washington Post ran two articles that delved into the weighty issue of Net Neutrality.  The first, by Bob Pegoraro (“It’s put-up or shut-up time for the FCC’s net-neutrality advocates”) is self-explanatory – the FCC must act and now to regulate the Internet via Net Neutrality regulations. Pegoraro’s article reads almost like [...]

The Pacific’s new PacMA – a vision for media freedom

A FLURRY of messages. First the announcement of yet another Pacific media freedom group – PacMA, born in Samoa. Plus backpatting messages from supporters around the region. And then a riposte from the incumbent media “freedom” body, PINA, in Suva, claiming it has the strongest membership it has had for five years – 21. One [...]

Ben Bohane’s retrospective on Pacific war reporting

BEN BOHANE is travelling from Vanuatu to Brisbane tomorrow for an exhibition launch of his photo collective with a retrospective of his best war reportage over the years. He is without peer in South Pacific photojournalism, but his remarkable career actually began with a five-year stint in South-East Asia covering warfare in Afghanistan, Burma, Cambodia.According [...]

IGF 2007 Workshop Proposals Online

Proposals for workshops submitted for the IGF 2007 in Rio are now published at http://info.intgovforum.org/wsl2.php. A number of FOEonline coalition members submitted workshop proposals.  As the demand for workshop slots outweighs the number of available time slots the IGF Secretariat invites proposers to consider merging workshops before 22 July. Dynamic Coalition on Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the [...]

4 to 6 to 7 to Infinity and beyond – Free Press’ Regulatory Con Game Continues

The Free Press has some new advocacy, which, true to form, moves the Net Neutrality goalpost yet again.   You see, no one really knows what Net Neutrality is, so, out of the kindness of their hearts, they’ve stepped in to fill that void…with an even lengthier definition. Originally, the FCC’s Net Neutrality policy guidance covered [...]

Fijilive left off ‘legal’ media list, news editor quizzed

FIJI police have picked up the news editor of the Fiji web news pioneering agency Fijilive, Richard Naidu, for questioning – and then released him.State-owned Fiji Broadcasting Corporation News reported that he was questioned over a story that was published by the online news agency on Thursday.Criminal Investigations Department (CID) director Adi Sen was quoted [...]

Dynamic Coalitions in Rio

The IGF Secretariat announced that all Dynamic Coalitions will be given a slot in the programme for thesecond IGF meeting in Rio de Janeiro from 12-15 November. As the speakers are also potential panellists for the main session, Dynamic Coalitions are asked you to provide an initial list of speakers by 22 September 2007. A [...]