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Freedom Of Speech

Libel reform under threat

This is a statement from The Libel Reform Campaign Four days before the Defamation Bill has its final and decisive debate in the House of Commons we find ourselves writing to you about disgraceful behaviour from politicians that will put everything we’ve worked for at risk. Conservative MP and libel barrister Sir Edward Garnier is [...]

Burma’s art of transition

Artists came together with political leaders, journalists, academics and lawyers for two days of presentations and discussion on Art of Transition Symposium in Rangoon on 30-31 March. The programme was another in the series of firsts as the space for expression in Burma opens up. Of course, this freedom is still a work in progress. [...]


Is it true the City of New Albany purchased Gary Brinkworth’s family property for 0,000?Isn’t this a Conflict of Interest by the Gahan Administration?Our understanding the City Board of Works APPROVED the purchase of the Brinkworth property on Tuesday for 0,000. Doesn’t Mr. Brinkworth serve on the Sewer and Stormwater Board?We’re beginning to wonder if [...]


Did anyone notice (one term-er) Mayor Gahan was missing from the State House photo?Since the Tribune won’t print the whole story. We will do it for them…Ed Clere offered a resolution on the floor of the Indiana House of Representatives “House  Concurrent Resolution 40.” This Resolution honored New Albany’s Bicentennial celebrations, and made special note [...]

Crying out for transparency

Phyllis Sutherland of Peguis First Nation explains why she blew the whistle on the financial controversies on her reserve and why she supports Bill C-27. This report aired on The Source March 28 2013. Ezra Levant

Trudeau’s popularity contest

Ezra exposes Justin Trudeau’s lack of substance but it doesn’t matter because the leadership race is a popularity contest. This report aired on The Source March 29 2013. Ezra Levant

LEVANT: Bankster squad

Like much of Europe, Cyprus’ banks are wobbly, teetering on collapse. Cyprus is a small country of about a million people, so the money needed to prop them up was smaller than other European or American bailouts have been. It’s absurd to call 10 billion euros — about billion — small, but these days politicians [...]


Jerusalem Obituaries 33 ADCalvary-Jesus Christ 33, on Nazareth, died Friday on Mount Calvary, also known as Golgotha, the place of the skull betrayed by the apostle Judas.Jesus was crucified by the Romans, by order of the Ruler Pontius Pilate. The cause of death were crucifixion, extreme exhaustion, severe torture, and loss of blood.Jesus Christ, a [...]

Ezra Levant remembers Ralph Klein

Ezra Levant reflects on the economic and political legacy of the late Ralph Klein. This report aired on The Source April 1 2013. Ezra Levant

Trailblazing media

Billy Hallowell is in studio with Ezra to talk about The Blaze’s trailblazing. This report aired on The Source March 29 2013. Ezra Levant