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WHO’S – WHO IN 2013…..

Liar/ Phony of 2013 – Jeff GahanBiggest Bully of 2013 – Roger BaylorBest School Board Member of 2013 – Rebecca GardnerBiggest Gahan mistake made in 2013 – .6 million dollar bond backed up with our property taxesBiggest Political Joke of 2013 – Coffey vs. SeabrookWorse Council President 2013 – Pat McLaughlinFlip-Flopper of 2013 – Dan [...]

Promoting new prosperity for First Nations

Will the federal government approve the Prosperity Mine proposal that would lead to jobs and prosperity for local First Nations. This report aired on The Source February 5 2014. Ezra Levant

Made to Order: Canada’s highest civilian honour overseen by a left-wing club

Late on Friday afternoon, Conrad Black was kicked out of the Order of Canada. Since its inception, 6,259 people have been given the Order of Canada. But only six have ever been stripped of it, including Black. Why? The reason given is that Black was convicted in the U.S. of fraud, though he denies his [...]

Liberal senators may be kicked out, but they’re not staying out

Why didn’t the 32 senators kicked out of the Liberal Party caucus by Justin Trudeau stay kicked out? Why didn’t they embrace their newfound independence – to be free from party discipline? What politician-for-life wouldn’t prefer to have no boss, to be free to say whatever they want, do whatever they want, go wherever they [...]

Ontario senior fined for shoveling snow wrong

An Orillia, Ontario, senior on a fixed-income got fined over 0 for improper snow removal. This report aired on The Source January 30 2013. Ezra Levant

Does Neil Young practice what he preaches?

Neil Young loves Canada’s Indians. After all, he wears a fringed leather jacket and just finished a concert tour telling Canadians to “Honour the Treaties,” even though he couldn’t point out how we’re not. But at least he’s got that leather jacket. Has since the ’60s. He explained it in one rock biography: There I [...]


The heart of a city is it’s people. These men stand up for the best interest for New Albany citizens. They work hard and play by the rules. And most of all they look out for their neighbors, co-workers, and the many needs of the “little people” of New Albany. It’s well known these men [...]

Trudeau’s pipeline politics

Ezra comments on Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s moody opinions on Canada’s pipeline. This report aired on The Source January 23 2013. Ezra Levant

The fight for Keystone

Emails expose that the US Environmental Protection Agency is buddy-buddy with environmental groups. This report aired on The Source January 23 2013. Ezra Levant

Scrutinizing Saint Suzuki

David Suzuki admits he over-reacted to Fukushima predictions. This report aired on The Source January 22 2014. Ezra Levant