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USA Today: How to stop ad trackers on your smartphones

In a column at USA Today, Kim Komando discusses privacy and marketers’ tracking of Internet users: Both Apple and Android have recently introduced new ways for advertisers to deliver targeted ads to us. This sounds like bad news, but the good part is that, given widespread consumer outrage on the issues, both companies have shown [...]

Report: Privacy Engineering: Proactively Embedding Privacy, by Design

A new paper, “Privacy Engineering: Proactively Embedding Privacy, by Design,” discusses the idea of ensuring privacy is a part of a system or technology from the beginning. The paper is by Ann Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ontario, Canada; Stuart Shapiro, MITRE Corporation; and R. Jason Cronk, Enterprivacy Consulting Group. Here’s the introduction: Information management is [...]

Washington Post: New surveillance technology can track everyone in an area for several hours at a time

The Washington Post reports on a new type of surveillance technology that can track people across a widespread area: As Americans have grown increasingly comfortable with traditional surveillance cameras, a new, far more powerful generation is being quietly deployed that can track every vehicle and person across an area the size of a small city, for [...]

Op-Ed in Calgary Sun: Sochi pricetag, security, invasions of privacy should give us pause

In an op-ed in the Calgary Sun, QMI Agency’s Larry Cornies discusses privacy and civil liberty concerns connected with the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia: The two main sports venues on the Black Sea have become armed camps, their unprecedented security precautions the result of threats, both stated and implied, by a host of terror [...]

Slate: The Simpsons Knows How to Hit Google Glass Where It Hurts

Slate considers a recent episode of “The Simpsons” TV show and its satire of Google Glass and the questions it raises concerning privacy: On this past Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons, “Specs and the City,” Mr. Burns gives every employee of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant a pair of “Oogle Goggles.” It seems like an unusually [...]

Facial recognition apps: I both desire and fear them.

Facial recognition app matches strangers to online profiles | Crave – CNET Google has adopted a privacy protecting policy of banning facial recognition apps from the Google Glass app store. I appreciate the effort to protect my privacy but facial recognition is probably the ONLY reason I would wear Google Glass. I am hopeless at [...]

Turkey is preparing to implement massive new Interenet censorship and surveillance scheme.

Turkey Debates New Law to Control Web Users – Emerging Europe Real Time – WSJ Turkey already requests more takedowns from Google than any other country in the world, almost 1700 in the first half of 2013. They have a history of blocking popular websites like Youtube, and Vimeo, and Prime Minister Erdogan lashes out [...]

Events of Interest: Panel Discussion on NSA Surveillance (Jan. 23)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is hosting a panel discussion, “NSA Surveillance and Our ‘Almost Orwellian’ State.” The moderator and panelists will discuss: Whether dragnet NSA surveillance is constitutional, and the dueling federal court rulings in December The history of government secrecy, and how it relates to the mounting controversy surrounding NSA spying How the NSA [...]

Update: Obama Announces Reforms and Proposed Changes to NSA Surveillance

To recap: Last year, former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden revealed several surveillance programs by the agency. There was a public outcry and protests and criticism from civil liberty and privacy advocates, among others. The surveillance program that received the most attention concerned surveillance and collection of phone records by the NSA. The Review Group on [...]

Hill: Senators increase data privacy calls

The Hill reports on an increase in privacy legislation under consideration in the U.S. Senate:  Sen. Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) took to the Senate floor on Wednesday to call for action on data privacy, in the wake of a data breach at the shopping giant Target over the holidays. [...] She hasn’t been the only one [...]