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Safe journey, Bon voyage !

Learn more about privacy at airports and border crossings by referring to the new featured topic, and have a safe journey!  photo by 12th St David There’s a common expression that says, “It’s not the destination that counts, it’s the journey.” Well, if you’re like me, when I have to travel—especially with moody teenagers—I get [...]

The Privacy Blog Podcast – Ep.9: Government Surveillance Programs, Facebook Shadow Profiles, and Apple’s Weak Hotspot Security

Welcome to the June edition of the Privacy Blog Podcast, brought to you by Anonymizer. In June’s episode, I’ll discuss the true nature of the recently leaked surveillance programs that has dominated the news this month. We’ll go through a quick tutorial about decoding government “speak” regarding these programs and how you can protect yourself [...]

Grappling with the impact technology is having on privacy

This week is Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) – a global effort, coordinated by members of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA), to raise awareness about the value of privacy and the importance of protecting it. For PAW 2013, APPA created an infographic that illustrates how technology has changed the way we communicate, do business and [...]

A First-Person-Sweeper Perspective

Yesterday, our Office participated in the first ever international internet privacy sweep. An initiative of the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN), the sweep is a coordinated effort among a number of data protection agencies to address a particular privacy issue. This year’s sweep assessed transparency online. I was one of about 20 OPC employees who [...]

Be prepared for a crisis with our Privacy Emergency Kit

It’s Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada – time to encourage Canadians to become better prepared to face an emergency with basic steps such as keeping bottled water and canned goods in the basement. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada is also encouraging organizations to ensure they are prepared to address privacy issues that [...]

Hat trick at IAPP Canada

Who says hockey season is over in Canada? Check out these three stars from last week’s IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium – from left to right, Privacy Commissioner of Canada Jennifer Stoddart; Elizabeth Denham, B.C.’s Information and Privacy Commissioner; and Jill Clayton, Alberta’s Information and Privacy Commissioner. This year’s Commissioners’ Panel, in honour of the playoffs, was modelled [...]

Fixing leaky faucets: Raising the bar of privacy protection

“Web leakage” research and follow-up work by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has resulted in improvements to the privacy practices of some popular Canadian websites. You may recall that our Office’s technologists tested 25 sites last year and found a significant number were “leaking” registered users’ personal information – including names and [...]

Cloud and telecom needs the same legal protection as snail mail.

The ACLU just posted an article about a recent federal magistrate judge’s ruling. It is a somewhat bizarre case. The DEA had an arrest warrant for a doctor suspected selling prescription pain killer drugs for cash. They then requested a court order to obtain his real time location information from his cell provider. The judge went [...]

Signed Mac Malware discovered on activist’s laptop

Arstechnica reports on the discovery of signed malware designed for surveillance on the Mac laptop of an Angolan activist. The malware was a trojan that the activist obtained through a spear phishing email attack. The news here is that the malware was signed with a valid Apple Developer ID.  The idea is that having all [...]

Day of Action Monday, June 17: Tell the TSA to End Nude Body Scanners

Since November, 2010, when the TSA rolled out its Nude Body Scanners nationwide, we’ve seen countless news articles, blog posts, and youtube videos showing TSA agents abusing and humiliating passengers in the name of ‘security’. Thefts from passenger’s carry-on bags have increased as passengers are separated from their belongings while in the body scanners. The [...]