Several scandals and allegations of the New Albany Police Department have occurred throughout the department’s history, even misconduct….

Freedom Of Speech will present the case against NAPD Chief Sherry Knight:

* “Major Knight, rather than investigating, rather than discipline, I mean, you are talking about thousands of taxpayer dollars, here, rather than doing anything, she told Jon Tucker, Gary Humphrey, and the captain on the shift at that time, who was Eric Higdon, told all of them that Laura Schook was ratting them out.”

* Landenwich claims that Knight’s failure to take action as a supervising officer resulted in not only the officers not being held accountable for the alleged misconduct, but it put Schook in serious danger as an officer.

Our understanding is that on Friday morning Officer Humphrey will be called to face a Grand Jury.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

While on duty it is the officers job to enforce the laws not break the laws. They do not need to be watching porn, and it’s been reported from the locals that our  some local officers have been seen getting blow jobs down by the K&I Bridge, watching movies or running their side business during their shifts, or decorating the float for Harvest Homecoming. 

Why is Jeff Gahan so out of touch with the citizens of New Albany?

It has also been reported to us, that our police officers chatting in Community Park on one side, that taxpayers have seen several drug deals going down on the other side of the park. What the hell are we paying you officers for?

Also, any supervisor who sets any officer up regardless of gender with NO back up should be fired.

Is this history repeating itself?

Mr. Gahan, if you had any balls and sense, you would call for a full investigation of your Police Department. These are very serious allegations. And the buck stops at your door….

Our final thoughts:

NAPD Chief Sherri Knight it is time for you to resign. You are NOT a leader and even you are not above the law….

We would recommend to Attorney Landenwich that you get a court order for each computer in every police car in the department. It is time we hold those officers accountable to us taxpayers.

Freedom of Speech will continue to aggressively pursue any officer that commits any criminal act in our City of New Albany.


“The city of New Albany has got to be competitive,” Gahan said. “Part of being competitive is having good quality-of-life projects.”


And they are all backed up with our property taxes.

Specifics on recent Iraq censorship orders

3317362 HiRes

Iraq Telecom Ministry Orders ISPs: Kill The Internet in Five Provinces | SMEX: Channeling Advocacy

If this is real, it is an interesting view into the specifics of Internet censorship in Iraq. I find “Block all access to VPN in all Iraq from 4 pm until 7 am on daily basis” particularly interesting.

Just trying to prevent attack coordination at night?

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A tiny change in iOS 8 prevents WiFi tracking of iOS devices

IOS8 MAC Randomization

News just broke of a new feature in iOS 8 announced at Apple’s WWDC which was not covered in the big keynote. Advertisers and retail outlets have been using Wi-Fi to track mobile devices for some time. I talked about a network of Wi-Fi tracking trashcans last year in the podcast.

This works because, by default, most mobile devices are constantly on the lookout for Wi-Fi networks. The device communicates with visible base stations to see if they are known, if they are secure, and what they are called. That communication reveals the MAC address of the device’s Wi-Fi.

Like the address on your house, your phone number, or IP addresses, MAC addresses are globally unique identifiers. Everything that can speak Wi-Fi has its own individual MAC address. This makes it a great hook for tracking. If someone sets up a bunch of Wi-Fi base stations, most mobile devices going by will try to connect, giving it their MAC address. By looking at the pattern of those connections, the device can be tracked. 

More sophisticated solutions have even used signal strength to triangulate the location of devices within a small area.

The big news is that Apple is going to randomize the MAC addresses of iOS 8 devices when they are probing for networks. If the device were to probe network base stations A, B, and C they would all see different MAC addresses and think that they were tracking different devices. The iPhone or iPad would still use its real MAC when establishing a full connection, but would not provide it to all of the networks it only probes but never actually uses.

This is a really small change which provides significant privacy gains. It is similar to the decision Apple made to use randomized IPv6 addresses by default, rather than ones which uniquely identify the computer or mobile device.

Of course, Apple is also working hard to track us all with iBeacons at the same time….

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Law enforcement access to your cell tower location may require a warrant

Antennas on roof

A federal appeals court in Atlanta ruled that there is an expectation of privacy in cell tower location information, and therefor it is protected by the Fourth Amendment. This runs counter to other recent rulings that allow access to the information without a warrant under the Stored Communications Act.

The recent ruling relies on precedent from the 2012 Supreme Court decision in United States vs. Jones which stated that a warrant was required to place a tracking device on a suspects car. Phone records provide the same information, just with a different technical means.

This would not apply to intelligence gathering activities, nor would it prevent access to your location information with a warrant. It is a move to recognize that our personal information, about which we have real privacy interests, is increasingly existing in the networks of third parties. Laws that assume anything sensitive would be on paper and stored in your house or on your person are absurdly outdated.

For now this is only a local precedent. The issue will almost certainly end up in the Supreme Court at some point.

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Todd Bailey will be named new Police Chief.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Mr. Bailey falsified 170 reports, so why is he to be Chief?


Memorial Day is one of those national holidays that offer a three day weekend and the time to kick back doing whatever you, your family, your friends chooses to do.

But the reason for the last Monday in May being a holiday is often lost in the rush to make those plans.

It is hardly a day of rest or relaxation for those in uniform deployed in places where they will dodge RPG’s, avoid IED’d and shoulder their own weapons while trying to win the hearts and minds of whatever place they’ve been sent.

They do, however, know what Memorial Day is all about.

The men and women of America’s Armed Forces understand what sacrifice means. They have seen it. They know exactly why Memorial Day exists.

Memorial Day offers us the opportunity to remember those who fought and died in America’s wars – past and present.

So as you pop the top on your favorite brand of beer, and grill those T-bone steaks or Ballpark hot dogs, consider taking time on your day off to reflect on those who served and didn’t have the opportunity to join the rest of us this Memorial Day – 2014.

God Bless America
Freedom Of Speech Staff

Iraq blocking social media as a defense against ISIS

Iraq flag map

Iraq Crisis: Twitter, Google, YouTube and Facebook Blocked by Government to Stop Isis Plotting

Many sources are reporting that most major social networks are being blocked in Iraq.

It is generally assumed that this is being done to prevent use of these tools for organization and propaganda by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). I am not seeing reports of blocking VPNs and other censorship circumvention tools. We are actively monitoring Anonymizer for any evidence of such activity.

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Bad news from East Timor as media faces petro fund ‘guided democracy’ gag

Timorese students protest over Australian spying in its efforts to manipulate Timor-Leste’s oil industry
… free speech at risk under the new media law. Photo: Global Voices

By Tempo Semanal editor/publisher José Antonio Belo

SADLY, I have bad news to report from East Timor. It is not yet clear how long my colleagues and I will be able to freely report the news. But readers should know,
Café Pacific – David Robie | Media freedom and transparency

Ars tests Internet surveillance—by spying on an NPR reporter | Ars Technica

Selfiehenn 300x400

Ars technica in conjunction with NPR conducted an excellent experiment showing how much and what kind of information can be obtained through capture off the wire. This is the type of information that a national intelligence service would see by tapping into ISPs.

They simulated this by using a penetration testing device installed at NPR reporter Steve Henn’s house (with his cooperation).

The amount of information is amazing. Even seemingly inactive devices are constantly making requests and connecting to services.

While many connections to key services like email and banking are encrypted, most others are not, revealing a great deal about Steve’s research activities.

It is absolutely worth a read.

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