Black Friday College Football Scores: Iowa Beats Nebraska

The early games Friday were highlighted by impressive performances from Iowa and Marshall. The only drama we’ve gotten out of Black Friday so far came in a MAC game, because of course. Iowa picked up an impressive road win at Nebraska to cap an eight-win regular season, Marshall punched its ticket to the C-USA title […]

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‘Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn Lozada is pregnant

Evelyn Lozada is finally getting some happiness. A year after the Basketball Wives star’s marriage to NFL Pro Bowler Chad Johnson abruptly imploded after only two months — she accused him of head-butting her, which led to his domestic battery arrest — Lozada is expecting a baby. “I am so excited to announce a wonderful […]

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Remembering East Timor’s Kraras massacre 30 years on

Police, military perimeter guards and the public watch
the 38th independence anniversary parade at the
“widows village” of Kraras. Mobile photo: David Robie/PMC


ON 28 November 1975, Timor-Leste made its fateful unilateral declaration of independence. A week later, a paranoid Indonesian military, fearful of an upstart “leftwing” neighbouring government,
staged its
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Events of Interest: Panel Discussion on Government Surveillance of Americans (Dec. 5)

The Center for Public Scholarship at the New School is hosting a panel discussion on surveillance of Americans and foreign nationals by the U.S. government. Here’s more on the panelists: James Bamford is a journalist who reports on U.S. intelligence agencies and author of three books on the NSA, includingThe Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA [...]
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More Evidence of Wired B-Band Providers Not Competing

Yesterday, as I was picking up my parents for Thanksgiving dinner here in Alexandria, I noticed a Verizon service truck parked all alone on the street near the entrance to their garage (pictured below).

What? Working?  In “Comcast territory”? On Thanksgiving?

VZ Turkey

Back on Labor Day, a Verizon service technician I ran into told me stuff like this – that is, competing vigorously for broadband customers – is standard operating procedure for the company, then noting:

“We’re so busy hooking up broadband, we’ve got crews working Thanksgiving and Christmas to give customers the Internet they want and need. This is 24/7/365 work.  If we don’t, our competitors will eat our lunch.”

Some Tech Eeyores argue that wired broadband companies like Verizon have simply stopped competing for broadband customers because Big Cable has clearly “won” broadband wars.


Working on Thanksgiving is a funny way on “not competing,” don’t you think?

Here’s to being thankful for such “non-competition.”



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Op-Ed at Economist: Every step you take

An opinion column in the Economist says that new privacy safeguards are needed as facial-recognition technology improves and cameras are better able to identify individuals in public spaces: Citizens of rich countries have got used to being watched by closed-circuit cameras that guard roads and cities. But as cameras shrink and the cost of storing [...]
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NDP’s drunk driving bill

The NDP’s proposed drunk driving bill would allow cops to stop and force you to take a breathalyzer test without cause

This report aired on The Source November 28 2013.

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Canada’s oil exports

Sun News Reporter Rob Gibson reports on whether or not Canada’s oil exports are in trouble, faced with US fracking boom.

This report aired on The Source November 27 2013.

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Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts for Kindergarten

It is never too early to start children with fun art projects, which is why you need to get some ideas for arts and crafts for kindergarten Thanksgiving.  Even these little guys can create fun arts and crafts for the Thanksgiving holiday that can decorate both the classroom as well as your own home.  Arts […]

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East Timor’s Independente champions genuine ‘free press’

Independente’s editorial director Mouzinho Lopes de Araujo … living up
to the “people’s freedom” motto. Photo: David Robie/PMC


WHILE the Timor-Leste media industry was rejuvenated by a national congress last month that voted on a new code of ethics, one of the country’s most independent chief editors has warned against the risks of a “media council elephant”.

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