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Mind the gap: Poll finds many Canadian businesses believe privacy is important but not taking basic steps to protect customer information

Ten years after Canada’s private sector privacy law came into full effect, our latest survey has found that many Canadian businesses are still not taking the basic steps necessary to protect the personal information of their customers and clients – despite believing that protecting privacy is “extremely important”. An overwhelming majority of businesses (82%) said [...]

What Businesses Can Learn About Branding from ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’

Classic pieces of literature are often classics for a reason, and whilst some of them may have been written hundreds of years ago,the wisdom they can impart is extremely relevant even now. So with this in mind, what can we learn from Wilde’s famous ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’? And specifically what branding lessons can [...]

Accountability and the Importance of Effective Privacy Management Programs for Businesses

Accountability matters when it comes to privacy. As a business, though, you may not always find it clear what accountability really means when it comes to personal information protection.   Accountability is the first fair information principle in the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This reflects its importance—it is the bedrock of [...]

NPR: Identity Theft A Growing Concern For Businesses

NPR reports that companies are increasingly concerned about identity theft: You’ve heard of identity theft — someone using a person’s credit information or a Social Security number for ill-gotten gains. Well, experts say similar crimes are also affecting businesses. Business identity theft involves posing as a legitimate business in order to get access to credit [...]

USA Today: Supreme Court: No privacy exemption for businesses in FOIAs

USA Today reports on a new 8-0 decision (pdf) by the US Supreme Court concerning the Freedom of Information Act. (Justice Kagan recused herself.): The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Tuesday that corporations may not claim a “personal privacy” exemption when the U.S. government wants to release files involving them under the Freedom of Information Act. [...]

Cutting edge solutions for online businesses – OBIS Beta Release

Those with their fingers on the pulse of the legal services industry are predicting significant changes in the marketplace.  Whether this shift is down to the recession, technological developments, regulatory changes, or all of these combined, Azrights is ready with a cutting edge solution for clients interested in minimizing their legal fees while continuing to [...]

Size Doesn’t Matter, Privacy Does – A Tool for Small Businesses

In today’s technology-driven, ever-connected world, privacy can be difficult to come by, and equally difficult to ensure. This is true not only in terms of what kind of information you should share, but also in terms of what kind of information you should collect. For small businesses, this task can be especially daunting because it [...]