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Mind the gap: Poll finds many Canadian businesses believe privacy is important but not taking basic steps to protect customer information

Ten years after Canada’s private sector privacy law came into full effect, our latest survey has found that many Canadian businesses are still not taking the basic steps necessary to protect the personal information of their customers and clients – despite believing that protecting privacy is “extremely important”. An overwhelming majority of businesses (82%) said [...]

Opinion by Michael Geist: The Great Canadian personal data grab

In his column for the Toronto Star, tech law expert Michael Geist discusses privacy issues with companies gathering personal data on their customers and focuses on financial privacy issues: The Royal Bank of Canada updated its mobile application for Android users earlier this month. Like many banking apps, the RBC version allows users to view account balances, [...]

Vagina monologue: Free speech on Canadian campuses

Last Wednesday night, a pro-life student club at the University of Waterloo invited a local MP to speak. Within minutes, a small group of other students stormed the front of the room, screaming abuse at the guest speaker, taking over the podium and grinding the event to a halt. All under the watchful eyes of [...]

Canadian Khadr Groupies

Retired Special Forces Sergeant and Khadr victim, Layne Morris reacts to Canadian mainstream media that portrays the convicted terrorist as a “poor child soldier”. This report aired on The Source October 12 2012. Ezra Levant

A Threat To Canadian Values

Raheel Raza responds to Muslims in Toronto calling for the hanging of the creator of the “anti-Islam” film spurring violence in the Middle East. This report aired on The Source September 24 2012. Ezra Levant

Honouring A Canadian Pioneer

Ezra opens his one hour special with Preston Manning by highlighting his career, leftist media attacks, and his passion for Canada and Canadians. This report aired on The Source July 2 2012. Ezra Levant

Ezra Levant Tells The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council To Chinga tu Madre!

Ezra Levant takes the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council to task for their biased kangaroo courts which aim to censor private broadcasters. This report aired on The Source June 13 2012. Ezra Levant

Canadian Privacy Commissioner: Facebook Still Needs to Work on Privacy

Jennifer Stoddart, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, announced in a news release the findings of three complaint investigations against social-networking site Facebook. Facebook has shown greater awareness of users privacy rights, but still needs to do a better job of considering privacy issues before rolling out new features, Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) Jennifer Stoddart [...]

Ethical Oil debuts at #3 on Globe and Mail’s Canadian non-fiction bestseller list

In its first week on sale, Ethical Oil made two different bestseller lists compiled by the Globe and Mail. It’s ranked #5 in all non-fiction, and #3 in Canadian non-fiction. That confirms the Amazon.ca ranking where I’ve been hovering in the top five non-fiction books all week (their list is updated hourly). And if I’m [...]