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New York Times: The Privacy Paradox, a Challenge for Business

The New York Times reports on a new study concerning privacy sponsored by data-storage company EMC: People around the world are thrilled by the ease and convenience of their smartphones and Internet services, but they aren’t willing to trade their privacy to get more of it. That is the top-line finding of a new study of 15,000 [...]

Taking on the challenge of Timor-Leste’s media in transition

Tempo Semanal’s Joe Belo … exposing corruption. Photo: David Robie/PMC By DAVID ROBIE in Dili TIMOR-LESTE newspaper editor and investigative journalist Jose Belo is no stranger to controversy, legal threats or the inside of a prison cell. He was imprisoned and tortured by the Indonesian occupation forces for a period during the 24 years of [...]

PIMA takes on challenge to revive Pasifika media advocacy

Logo design from PIMA’s 10th anniversary conference. By Michael Sergel (thanks to Pacific Media Watch) SAMOAN Language Week celebrates the language and culture of the 1 in 20 New Zealanders who trace their ancestry to the islands of Samoa, at a time when there are more Samoan stories being told from Samoan perspectives than ever [...]

Video Archives: 7 Market-Oriented Experts Describe Why Net Neutrality Regulations Should Fail Court Challenge

As the United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit starts going over briefs arguing for and against the FCC’s Net Neutrality regulations (in the case Verizon v. FCC), I thought it’d be helpful to bring back some videos we’ve shot over the past two years describing the reasons why the FCC’s rules are [...]

APP STORE – Trade Mark Challenge Spreads to EU

We have been keeping an eye on developments in the dispute over the APP STORE mark.  A new chapter in this interesting saga has begun. The challenge against Apple is bringing in more supporters and expanding to other jurisdictions. To recap, in our first blog we explained how Microsoft applied to the US Patent and [...]

Groups score court win in right to challenge US wiretap law

Emily Badger: Groups score court win in right to challenge US wiretap law The Free Speech Blog: Official blog of Index on Censorship