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Iran criminalizes Facebook

Iran has taken the next step beyond censorship to criminalize the use of social media, particularly Facebook. Iran has long had one of the most strict and effective Internet censorship regimes, but still huge numbers of Iranians were able to skirt the blocking to access social media websites, generally under false names. Actually criminalizing the [...]

Ars Technica: App changes its privacy policy ten days after Facebook acquisition

Ars Technica reports on a change in the privacy policy of fitness-tracking mobile app Moves: Mere days after the fitness-tracking app Moves assured users about their privacy after its acquisition by Facebook, the company has changed its privacy policy to allow itself to share data with third parties. The Wall Street Journal reported the changes late Monday, which were pushed [...]

Wall Street Journal: Facebook Tests Software to Track Your Cursor on Screen

The Wall Street Journal reports that social-networking site Facebook is testing new software for gathering more data on its users: Facebook Inc. is testing technology that would greatly expand the scope of data that it collects about its users, the head of the company’s analytics group said Tuesday. The social network may start collecting data [...]

The Privacy Blog Podcast – Ep.9: Government Surveillance Programs, Facebook Shadow Profiles, and Apple’s Weak Hotspot Security

Welcome to the June edition of the Privacy Blog Podcast, brought to you by Anonymizer. In June’s episode, I’ll discuss the true nature of the recently leaked surveillance programs that has dominated the news this month. We’ll go through a quick tutorial about decoding government “speak” regarding these programs and how you can protect yourself [...]

The Privacy Blog Podcast – Ep.6: Breaking Privacy News – Facebook “Likes” Predict Personality, Google’s Wi-Fi Sniffing, and the Six Strikes Anti-Piracy Policy

In the March episode of The Privacy Blog Podcast, I’ll run down some of the major privacy news events of the last month. Learn how Facebook “Likes” can paint an extremely detailed and eerie picture of your real-life character traits. I’ll provide my take on Google’s Street View Wi-Fi sniffing controversy along with how “Do [...]

Carnegie Mellon Report: The Evolution of Privacy and Disclosure on Facebook

Carnegie Mellon has a new study, “Silent Listeners: The Evolution of Privacy and Disclosure on Facebook” (CMU pdf; archive pdf), about social-media networking site Facebook’s users and their ideas of privacy, focusing on how these ideas and behaviors have changed between 2005 and 2011. Here’s the abstract: Over the past decade, social network sites have experienced [...]

IDG News: German privacy regulator orders Facebook to end its real name policy

IDG News reports on moves by a privacy regulator in Germany concerning social-networking site Facebook and its users’ privacy: A German privacy regulator ordered Facebook to stop enforcing its real name policy because it violates a German law that gives users the right to use nicknames online. Facebook refused to permit the use of pseudonyms [...]

Facebook to simplify privacy controls

Facebook is streamlining its privacy controls in a bid to make it easier for people to ask friends to remove photos of themselves from the site. The changes, to be rolled out in the coming weeks, include: A request and removal tool which lets you ask someone to remove multiple tagged photos photos of yourself [...]

Don’t Be Alarmed By Fake Facebook Copyright Notice

Have you seen this message circulating around on Facebook recently? Facebook has consistently been plagued by privacy and copyright concerns and this is not the first message of its kind to have gone viral in this way. However, just like those before it, this notice is a hoax and not something to be alarmed about. [...]

Get rid of your Facebook search history (maybe)

Whenever you view someone’s page on Facebook, there’s a record of that visit. So, if you’re in to viewing your ex’s page over and over, Facebook knows this. (Your ex will not, no matter how many of the fake “Do you know who’s viewing your profile?” apps he or she installs.) The same goes for [...]