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Mind the gap: Poll finds many Canadian businesses believe privacy is important but not taking basic steps to protect customer information

Ten years after Canada’s private sector privacy law came into full effect, our latest survey has found that many Canadian businesses are still not taking the basic steps necessary to protect the personal information of their customers and clients – despite believing that protecting privacy is “extremely important”. An overwhelming majority of businesses (82%) said [...]

New York Times: Irish Regulator Finds Himself at Heart of Privacy Debate

The New York Times profiles Billy Hawkes, Ireland’s data protection commissioner, and discusses how he is a big part of the international privacy debate: When Mr. Hawkes took over in 2005 as Ireland’s data protection commissioner, he said, it was a relatively quiet job focused on local issues. But in the years since, Ireland has become [...]

TechCrunch: HP Finds Mobile Tax Apps Lacking On Security, Privacy

TechCrunch reports on security and privacy problems with some mobile tax apps: As the clock ticks toward midnight, putting an end to tax day 2014, Hewlett-Packard is warning consumers of mobile tax and finance apps that they may want to audit their own usage. According to the HP Audit, more than 90 percent of the applications the [...]

MIDA’s chair finds Fiji TV guilty of ‘hate speech’ and blasts bloggers

Audio podcast of today’s media conference with MIDA chairperson Ashwin Raj on YouTube from the Pacific Media Centre. SO THERE we have it. Fiji’s Media Industry Development Authority chairperson Ashwin Raj is going to stamp out all hate and race speech in his country with the stroke of a decree-backed pen. A momentous mind shift [...]

Associated Press: Report finds Internet users worry more about snooping companies than spying Big Brother

The Associated Press discusses a new report (highlights pdf) from the Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California concerning the privacy fears of Internet users: A new survey found that nearly half of Internet-connected Americans age 16 and older worry about businesses checking what they do online. By comparison, 38 percent worry about [...]

Anonymizer Survey Finds Most Consumers Confused About Online Safety Measures

Today we are releasing the results of a survey on how people understand the risks of going on-line, and what does and does not work to protect against various threats. One of the most interesting results was that a significant majority of respondents thought that firewalls provided identity protection on line. While important, they are [...]

Wife finds out about divorce on Facebook

“Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady,” read the Facebook update, broadcast to all of Neil’s friends. Neil, filing for divorce from Emma, had changed his relationship status in his Facebook settings. Public humiliation? Or a misjudged privacy setting? We may never know, but Emma Brady only found out what was happening to [...]