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Law enforcement can’t keep your seized files forever (anymore)

The US Second Circuit court of appeals just ruled on a very important case about Fourth Amendment protections for seized computer files. While this ruling is only binding on courts in the 2nd circuit, it will be influential, and we are likely to see this issue addressed by the Supreme Court before too long. The [...]

Associated Press: Locator chips keep track of students in Brazil

The Associated Press reports on the use of tracking technology to keep tabs on students in Brazil: Grade-school students in a northeastern Brazilian city are using uniforms embedded with locator chips that help alert parents if they’re cutting classes, the city’s education secretary said Thursday. Twenty thousand students in 25 of Vitoria da Conquista’s 213 [...]

Wired: Bill Would Keep Big Brother’s Mitts Off Your GPS Data

Wired reports on a soon to be proposed bill (the Geolocational Privacy and Surveillance, or GPS, Act of 2011) in the US Senate that aims to protect the privacy of your location data. The courts aren’t sure whether so-called “geolocation” data taken from GPS devices or cellphones is covered by the Fourth Amendment, as Wired.com’s [...]

Report: ‘Spear-Phishing’ Attacks Keep on Giving

Report: ‘Spear-Phishing’ Attacks Keep on Giving: Via Wired: Threat Level. The number of targeted phishing attacks against individuals has risen dramatically in the last five years from one or two a week in 2005 to more than 70 a day this month, according to a new report from computer security firm Symantec. The industry most [...]

How To Keep Your Brain Sharp

As we age, our brains are slowing down a bit. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to avoid being forgetful. They could be in the form of relaxation or adding certain foods to you diet. Chilling Out: Our brain remembers better when we are relaxed. Take a few minutes each day to breathe deeply [...]