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Mind the gap: Poll finds many Canadian businesses believe privacy is important but not taking basic steps to protect customer information

Ten years after Canada’s private sector privacy law came into full effect, our latest survey has found that many Canadian businesses are still not taking the basic steps necessary to protect the personal information of their customers and clients – despite believing that protecting privacy is “extremely important”. An overwhelming majority of businesses (82%) said [...]


Indiana State law requires the City of New Albany to have a balance budget. For the last twelve years the city has had to “be bailed out” using every fund available.Instead of wasting time on Human Rights an a Ethics Commission isn’t that why we pay Council members and the City Attorney? Don’t we have [...]


Regardless of how one feels about the reporter who interrupted Obama during his speech (Obama brazenly bypassed Congress and the lawmaking process to announce he would order his administration to NOT deport certain illegal immigrants), the reporter’s actions were NOT because of Obama’s skin. Again the MSM Liberal Media Sam Donaldson grabbed into his bag [...]


Why is New Albany Police Chief Sherry Knight asking the commissioners for 0,000 to help with operational costs?Why is Councilman Dan Coffey asking the council to appropriate 0,000 for Riverfront Amphitheater, bicentennial events and emergency costs as deemed necessary by the board of works?Why is Coffey not supporting the recommendation of the company he chose [...]

Montreal Gazette: Many companies monitor employees online use

The Montreal Gazette reports on the issue of companies, in this case Canadian companies, keeping track of employees’ Internet use: Perhaps the best advice you can get when it comes to wondering just what to say in an email sent on your workplace computer comes from Jean Chartier, head of Quebec’s Privacy Commission. “Your computer [...]

How Many Times Has Michael “Dr. Doom” Copps Forecast an Internet Apocalypse?

How many times can FCC Commissioner Michael Copps declare the Internet dead? Like a fire-and-brimstone preacher bombastically bellowing sermons warning of the impending End Times, Commissioner Copps has made a hobby out of declaring the Internet dead and buried unless drastic steps are taken right now to save cyberspace! The problem is, he’s being saying [...]