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Pacific media ‘too cosy’ with political power, says author

From Pacific Media Watch The Pacific Media Centre’s director, Professor David Robie, has called for more emphasis on critical development journalism in the Asia-Pacific region. Speaking on ABC’s Media Report, Dr Robie said there was a tendency globally – and not just in the Pacific -  for journalism to be a “bit too cosy with [...]

Iraq blocking social media as a defense against ISIS

Iraq Crisis: Twitter, Google, YouTube and Facebook Blocked by Government to Stop Isis Plotting Many sources are reporting that most major social networks are being blocked in Iraq. It is generally assumed that this is being done to prevent use of these tools for organization and propaganda by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). [...]

Bad news from East Timor as media faces petro fund ‘guided democracy’ gag

Timorese students protest over Australian spying in its efforts to manipulate Timor-Leste’s oil industry … free speech at risk under the new media law. Photo: Global Voices By Tempo Semanal editor/publisher José Antonio Belo SADLY, I have bad news to report from East Timor. It is not yet clear how long my colleagues and I [...]

Timor-Leste raises bar in media suppression with new law

Graphic from the latest edition of Index on Censorship with a profile on the new law. Image: Shutterstock/Index on Censorship JOURNALISTS and civil society critical of the flawed Fiji mediascape in the lead-up to the first post-coup general election in September should also be up in arms over the attempts to muzzle the press in [...]

Bouquets for the Fiji media from a ‘new wave’ politician

Professor Biman Prasad … sound credentials – for democracy and a free media. Photo: Republika Magazine FIJI ‘new wave” political hopeful Biman Prasad, a University of the South Pacific academic and economist with some sound democratic credentials, had positive messages for the beleaguered media last weekend. In a speech to a working group of the [...]

RSF ‘information hero’ fights new media law in Timor-Leste

Gagged José Belo at a Media Law Seminar in Dili hosted by the Secretary for Communication. Image: Jornal Independente Bob Howarth files a special report from Dili for Café Pacific IT WAS a stunt that arguably, in any democratic country on any given day, would have led the media headlines and stopped anyone that cared [...]

Sedition, e-libel become the new Pacific media front line

Participants in today’s University of the South Pacific media freedom forum chaired by Stanley Simpson (centre), founding editor of Wansolwara. Image: USP Livestreaming Criminal cyber defamation, journalist killings with impunity and legal gags are growing threats to Asia-Pacific press freedoms, writes educator David Robie on World Media Freedom Day. ONE OF Fiji’s best investigative Café [...]

‘Pak’ Prabowo seeks to ‘clear’ his name over Timor atrocities allegations in media jousting

Beatriz looks for her husband among the bodies after the 1983 Kraras massacre, as portrayed in Beatriz’s War, East Timor’s first feature film. By DAVID ROBIE INDONESIAN presidential hopeful ‘Pak” Prabowo, the retired Kopassus general notorious for his alleged human rights violations in Timor-Leste, has finally broken his silence and made a statement to the [...]

A measured media brand of Pacific thoughtfulness, courage and balance

David Robie with TVNZ Tagata Pasifika reporter John Pulu at the book launch. Image: Del Abcede/PMC BARBARA DREAVER, on assignment for Television New Zealand somewhere in the Pacific, sent this book launching message for David Robie’s Don’t Spoil My Beautiful Face last night. It was read out by Sandra Kailahi, chair of the Pacific Islands [...]

Associated Press: Teens adept at social media get privacy training

The Associated Press reports on a privacy program at St. Michael School in suburban St. Louis. The program is based a privacy curriculum based on one released by the Fordham Law School’s Center for Law and Information Policy. AP reports: CLAYTON, Mo. — In an age of increased online government surveillance and targeted social media ads, the notion of [...]