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New York Times: The Privacy Paradox, a Challenge for Business

The New York Times reports on a new study concerning privacy sponsored by data-storage company EMC: People around the world are thrilled by the ease and convenience of their smartphones and Internet services, but they aren’t willing to trade their privacy to get more of it. That is the top-line finding of a new study of 15,000 [...]

Foreign Policy: The Panopticon Paradox

Foreign Policy examines the revelations concerning the National Security Agency’s extensive surveillance programs and considers the effect on privacy rights: While the NSA collects data against foreign intelligence threats generally, the type of data that effectively requires massive collection and storage of individual communications has been presented, for example by Gen. Keith Alexander, in terms of the [...]

The paradox of irresponsible responsibility

This article got me thinking: People’s ignorance of online privacy puts employers at risk – Network World There is an interesting paradox for security folks. On the one hand, almost two thirds of people feel that security is a matter of personal responsibility. On the other hand, few are actually doing very much to protect themselves. [...]