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Pacific media ‘too cosy’ with political power, says author

From Pacific Media Watch The Pacific Media Centre’s director, Professor David Robie, has called for more emphasis on critical development journalism in the Asia-Pacific region. Speaking on ABC’s Media Report, Dr Robie said there was a tendency globally – and not just in the Pacific -  for journalism to be a “bit too cosy with [...]


After reading today’s News & Tribune. We decided to put our two cents worth in on the issue: New Albany councilwoman subject of conflict-of-interest review.After reading the comment by Councilman Dan Coffey: “First off, I hope it’s NOT true, what they did put the city in a lot of jeopardy as far as future grants.”What [...]

John Miller, an icon and a treasure for Aotearoa, Pacific political protest

Pacific Media Watch’s Daniel Drageset and Karen MacKenzie interview photographer John Miller at the AUT seminar. Image: Del Abcede/PMC JOHN MILLER is an extraordinary icon in New Zealand activist and social justice circles. Not only has he as a photographer captured in striking images many of the most critical social movements in Aotearoa, from the [...]

Canada’s political shift

Darrell Bricker joins Ezra Levant to discuss his book The Big Shift and the new alignment of Canadian politics. This report aired on The Source March 29 2013. Ezra Levant

Papuans Behind Bars – a new support initiative for political prisoners

Buchtar Tabuni (right in the sunglasses) with KNPB’s Victor Yeimo. Photo: Andrew Suripatty/Tempo Politik/Antara PAPUANS BEHIND BARS is a new project about political prisoners in West Papua. The group aims  to provide accurate and transparent data, published in English and Indonesian, to facilitate direct support for prisoners and promote wider debate and campaigning in support [...]

Political police: De Beers blockade order goes unheeded

Ten days ago, a judge in Timmins, Ont., finally ordered an end to the illegal blockade of the De Beers diamond mine west of the Attawapiskat Indian reserve. A half-dozen Indians were blocking the ice road for half a month. That would be a problem for any mine or factory in Canada, but that ice [...]


Boys and girls at a Massachusetts elementary school have been banned from bringing Valentine’s Day candy or cards over cultural equality issues and federal guidelines regulating candy.David DeRuosi, superintendent defended the principal’s decision – explaining that with new residents and new mandates “certain traditions we have to modify and adapt.” No candy, no cards, no [...]

Ouvéa massacre film gripping tale of betrayal and political opportunism

Kanak militant leader Alphonse Dianou … “played superbly by his cousin Iabe Lapacas”. Image: Rebellion WHEN THE headlines hit France in April 1988 about the latest saga in “les évènements” down under in New Caledonia, filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz was just 18. He remembers the gritty images of the Gossanna cave siege on television. Indigenous Kanaks [...]

Media Access Project Closure: Tacit Admission That $ = Speech in the Political Arena

Money is not speech when it comes to politics and elections – so the liberal rant goes. As media reform activists, Free Press, like to put it: Indeed, the more money one has to give, the more power and influence one can exert over elections and public policy. Of course, if you’re a liberal / [...]

To be charitable, tax breaks for political activism stinks

My Mar. 10, 2012 Sun column; To be charitable, tax breaks for political activism stinks On Thursday, a registered charity called Tides Canada was summoned before the Canadian Senate to answer for their political conduct. You don’t have to be a lawyer to know that political conduct and charity work are not the same thing. [...]