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Pacific media ‘too cosy’ with political power, says author

From Pacific Media Watch The Pacific Media Centre’s director, Professor David Robie, has called for more emphasis on critical development journalism in the Asia-Pacific region. Speaking on ABC’s Media Report, Dr Robie said there was a tendency globally – and not just in the Pacific -  for journalism to be a “bit too cosy with [...]

East Timor’s Hera Power Plant – mega-project or ‘mega problem’?

The new jetty and entry post at Hera Power Plant near Dili – just across the road from the electricity producer. Photo: David Robie/PMC THE TIMOR-LESTE capital Dili’s main heavy oil power plant at Hera, about 15 km on the eastern side of the city, still remains at the centre of controversy. A fact-based page [...]

The power we give to Social Media

Last week the Twitter account of the Associated Press was hacked, and a message posted saying that bombs had gone off in the white house, and the president was injured.   Obviously this was false. The Syrian Electronic army a pro regime hacker group has claimed responsibility, which does not prove that they did it. [...]

Update on Insiders Accused of Misusing Access Power in Minnesota

Earlier this year, I discussed the case of Anne Rasmusson in Minnesota. In that state, 104 officers from 18 agencies accessed her “driver’s license record 425 times in what could be one of the largest private data breaches by law enforcement in history,” Citypages reported. Now, the StarTribune reports that Rasmusson is about to get [...]

Washington Times: DHS emergency power extended, including control of private telecom systems

The Washington Times reports on a new executive order from President Obama, “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions,” and how it could affect individuals’ use of telecommunications services such as cellphones, wireless and telephone communications: The Obama administration has given the Department of Homeland Security powers to prioritize government communications over privately owned [...]

Abuse of power

From The Source, Jan. 12, 2012: Margaret MacDonald, the sober senior fined for drunk driving, recalls the horror of abuse that happened to her by those in power. Ezra Levant

Star power

From The Source, Nov. 8, 2011: Lorrie Goldstein looks at why celebrities criticizing the Keystone XL pipeline need to do their homework. Ezra Levant

People power prescription to cure the trans-Pacific free trade ‘disease’

Bugs Bunny – alias a well-known local unionist – at the Rogers … Photo: Nigel Moffiet/PMCMURRAY HORTON, organiser and spokesperson for the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA), treated Auckland to a double billing this week – well, actually a threesome if you count little Waiheke Island as well. His Christchurch-based movement has been [...]

Amazing power and danger of data retention

This Blog has an interesting article and link to the website of a german newspaper article (translated here). The story is about a german politician Malte Spitz who sued to obtain the retained cell tower records for his own phone, then provided them to the newspaper. The newspaper has created a nice map and timeline tool [...]