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Pacific media ‘too cosy’ with political power, says author

From Pacific Media Watch The Pacific Media Centre’s director, Professor David Robie, has called for more emphasis on critical development journalism in the Asia-Pacific region. Speaking on ABC’s Media Report, Dr Robie said there was a tendency globally – and not just in the Pacific -  for journalism to be a “bit too cosy with [...]

Video: Ex-FCC Official – Fred Campbell – Says Title ll Doesn’t Close Door on “Fast Lanes,” Opens Edge to Possibility of Regulation

The Left these past couple of weeks has gone crazy over the suggestion that Chairman Tom Wheeler’s new “Section 706″ plan to protect Net Neutrality would allow “fast lanes” (among other forms of reasonable discrimination).  In the Left’s view, the only “safe” Internet is one which regulates broadband access providers under Title ll regulation, which [...]

Not So Fast, Europe – No, Really, It Isn’t, Says Prof. Chris Yoo

Though groups like the Internet Society cling to the notion – “Why is European broadband faster and cheaper? Blame the government” – and traffic in the meme that the only true broadband experience is government-pushed fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP), University of Pennsylvania’s Christopher Yoo sees it differently. In Yoo’s new data-driven study, “U.S. vs. European Broadband Deployment: [...]

Independent (UK): Vast network of roadside cameras pose ‘very real risk’ says surveillance regulator

The Independent reports on privacy questions with camera surveillance on the roads in the United Kingdom: Members of the public face “a very real risk” to their privacy from the huge roadside surveillance network that captures millions of motorists every day, the Government’s Surveillance Commissioner has warned. In an interview with The Independent, Tony Porter [...]

Christian Science Monitor: Privacy concerns? What Google now says it can do with your data (+video)

The Christian Science Monitor considers the issue of privacy and Internet services giant Google: Against a backdrop of growing privacy concerns, with every week bringing revelations of data breaches at government or corporate websites, online search behemoth Google quietly updated its terms of service Monday, spelling out just how much personal data it mines as [...]

Video: Seton Motley Says Net Neutrality Fight Far From Over

Though the DC Circuit recently outlawed core aspects of the FCC’s Net Neutrality rule, Less Government’s Seton Motley explains that 1930′s-styled telephone regulation for the Internet – imposed by the FCC – might be the cruel result of the Court’s ruling. Net Neutrality Fight Far From Over, With Less Government’s Seton Motley from Mike Wendy [...]

End petro ‘shoddy deals’ with East Timor by maritime boundary justice, says advocate

Timor-Leste’s government “palace” in the capital Dili … seeking a fair deal over the Timor Sea maritime boundary. Photo: David Robie/PMC Report by The Independente in Dili AUSTRALIA should stop “short-changing” Timor-Leste with “shoddy deals” over oil and gas and establish permanent maritime boundaries with its island nation neighbour, says a Timor Sea justice advocate. [...]

Video: Google’s Wi-Spy Is Illegal Wiretapping Says 9th Circuit, with Scott Cleland

Earlier this week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for 9th Circuit ruled that Google’s Wi-Spy  hoovering of unencrypted Wi-Fi data from 2007 – 2010 was illegal wiretapping, meaning that at least in that Circuit Americans have a reasonable expectation of privacy when using their home Wi-Fi networks to access the Internet.  I was able to discuss the implications [...]

White House Report Says U.S. Broadband Is Pretty Darn Good

The White House this morning released a new report, entitled Four Years of Broadband Growth, which, in a balanced and thoughtful way, details the state of U.S. broadband networks.  In short, while areas for improvement remain, I’d say the report gives America’s broadband providers and Internet ecosystem a solid B+ toward meeting growing consumer and societal [...]

‘Safety first for journos’, says PINA boss in heated exchange over Fiji media

Michael Sergel’s live blog from the Pacific politics forum … insightful news reports from him and fellow AUT student journalist Finian Scott have featured on Pacific Scoop. Discussions on media freedom at the just-ended Pacific Parliamentary and Political Leaders Forum in Wellington have highlighted deep divisions in Fiji media, reports Radio NZ International. Pacific Scoop [...]