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The one thing you need to do about password breaches

The recent Ebay password compromise is just the latest in a string of similar attacks. Each time we hear a call for people to change their passwords. Sometimes the attacked company will require password changes, but more often it is just a suggestion; a suggestion that a majority choose to ignore. Further exacerbating the problem [...]

We’re Told This Broadband Competition Thing Isn’t Supposed to Be Happening

As I was getting my morning shot of Cuban rocket fuel (a.k.a, coffee) here in Miami today, I stumbled upon this view – an AT&T broadband truck putting in new conduit and fiber facilities across from the coffee shop. Some tech Eeyores would have you believe this isn’t happening.  That telecommunications companies like AT&T have [...]

Toronto the Stupid: City’s new plastic bag bylaw a classic, back-of-a-cocktail napkin kind of thing

Last Wednesday night, Toronto’s City Hall was trying to mop up one of their own messes. They were reviewing their price-fixing policy for all retailers in the city — they had previously passed a bylaw requiring every Toronto retail store to charge customers five cents for a plastic bag, whether those stores wanted to or [...]