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Data anonymization is hard – this time shown with NYC taxi data

One often hears that some massive collection of data will not have privacy implications because it has been “anonymized”. Any time you hear that, treat the statement with great skepticism. It turns out that effectively anonymizing data, making it impossible to identify the individuals in the data set, is much harder than you might think. [...]


Memorial Day is one of those national holidays that offer a three day weekend and the time to kick back doing whatever you, your family, your friends chooses to do.But the reason for the last Monday in May being a holiday is often lost in the rush to make those plans.It is hardly a day [...]

This Week: Internet Privacy

ABC’s This Week did a segment on Internet privacy, including a discussion of Europe’s new ruling on the right to be forgotten. Watch the segment here. Privacy Lives

We’re Told This Broadband Competition Thing Isn’t Supposed to Be Happening

As I was getting my morning shot of Cuban rocket fuel (a.k.a, coffee) here in Miami today, I stumbled upon this view – an AT&T broadband truck putting in new conduit and fiber facilities across from the coffee shop. Some tech Eeyores would have you believe this isn’t happening.  That telecommunications companies like AT&T have [...]

On this 4th, Let’s Celebrate the 5th! Let’s Hope Net Neutrality Gets Tossed Out in Court.

With the Supreme Court’s recent City of Arlington ruling, some observers believe that more attention will be given to Verizon’s constitutional claims in its upcoming Net Neutrality appeal.  Ordinarily in these types of disputes, such claims aren’t generally reached because the underlying statutory matter has been dealt with first, ending the matter.  With Arlington, however, [...]


” On this solemn weekend we remember the fallen, and we reflect on all they have given us. Their selfish acts of sacrifice have given freedom another day to live. It is our duty to preserve and promote freedom and liberty, to bring light to the darkest corners of the world, where others hunger for [...]

ESPN Wireless Discrimination – Let This Business Model Bloom

The following statement may be attributed to Mike Wendy, Director of MediaFreedom.org: Alexandria, VA, May 10, 2013 – The Wall Street Journal reported today that sports programmer ESPN has taken an eye to subsidizing wireless data plans so that their users can watch, surf and play in unlimited fashion on their data-guzzling smartphones without running [...]


Is it true the City of New Albany purchased Gary Brinkworth’s family property for 0,000?Isn’t this a Conflict of Interest by the Gahan Administration?Our understanding the City Board of Works APPROVED the purchase of the Brinkworth property on Tuesday for 0,000. Doesn’t Mr. Brinkworth serve on the Sewer and Stormwater Board?We’re beginning to wonder if [...]


Call your representative & ask them to COSPONSOR HR 824 the Wolf Resolution to create a House Select Committee on the terrorist attack in Benghazi.Call: 202-225-3121 FREEDOM OF SPEECH

This Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

I came across this picture of a man being interviewed by a flock of reporters the other day. I was struck immediately by a few things: 1. A couple of years ago, all those smartphones in the picture (noted with red arrows) would have been some other recording media (like the micro-cassettes being held by [...]