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Data anonymization is hard – this time shown with NYC taxi data

One often hears that some massive collection of data will not have privacy implications because it has been “anonymized”. Any time you hear that, treat the statement with great skepticism. It turns out that effectively anonymizing data, making it impossible to identify the individuals in the data set, is much harder than you might think. [...]

Now might be the time to sue Mt. Gox.

Mt. Gox, the failed Bitcoin exchange, announced that it had found about 200,000 BTC in an old wallet that had not been used since June 2011. This information was revealed in a legal filing in Japan. That is like finding 8 Million in your old wallet that got lost in the cushions of your sofa. [...]

Washington Post: New surveillance technology can track everyone in an area for several hours at a time

The Washington Post reports on a new type of surveillance technology that can track people across a widespread area: As Americans have grown increasingly comfortable with traditional surveillance cameras, a new, far more powerful generation is being quietly deployed that can track every vehicle and person across an area the size of a small city, for [...]

It’s Time for Industry to Move On Post FTC Google Probe

I’m no big fan of Google, but with its two-year FTC antitrust probe now behind it, I  think it’s time for the industry to move on. For over a decade – starting with the defense of Microsoft through its antitrust woes earlier in the millennium – I have urged the following: Let’s innovate not litigate.  [...]

It’s Time for the Recording Industry to Stop Blaming “Piracy” and Start Finding A New Way

It’s Time for the Recording Industry to Stop Blaming “Piracy” and Start Finding A New Way: Via EFF.org Updates. As many — EFF included — have been saying for years, filesharing is not the reason that the recording industry has fallen on hard financial times. In fact, the recording industry’s complaints that the sky is [...]

No Fiji self-censorship. Yeah right! Reality check time

Round two of the FijiVillage.com “no self-censorship” pats on the back. By Alex Perrottet of Pacific Media Watch IF ROBUST debate is lacking in the Fiji media, there was certainly plenty of it at the Media and Democracy Symposium hosted at the University of the South Pacific. In the aftermath, award-winning Communications Fiji news director [...]


Hundreds of thousands of locals and folks from all over make plans to attend this years Thunder Over Louisville. Who’s ready for da party? If you haven’t made a hotel reservation. It’s to late! The best place to see the fireworks on the Indiana side is: * Kingfish* Buckhead’s* Rocky’s Pack your rain gear and your [...]

It’s time to raise the curtain …

My Mar. 17, 2012 Sun column; It’s time to raise the curtain …Left-wing news website has activists make a puppet show featuring yours truly A year and a half after my book, Ethical Oil, became a bestseller, foreign NGOs have struck back at me. With a puppet show. Seriously. A left-wing news website called The [...]

Leveson: Time to lift the lid on Motorman

Brian Cathcart: Time for Leveson lift the lid on Motorman THE FREE SPEECH BLOG

Time for torture?

From The Source, Feb. 8, 2012: Former CSIS agent Michel Juneau-Katsuya and I go head to head on where to draw the line on torturing terrorists. Ezra Levant